June 2012

On Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 8:10am, I woke up to use the bathroom. When I couldn’t stop, the thought that it could be my water breaking crossed my mind. However, that thought was quickly dismissed because I wasn’t due until June 29 (silly me!). I decided to wake Nevin up anyway. Hearing “Nev, I think my water broke.” sure woke him up!

I called the doctor and because it was Sunday, I had to wait for the on-call doctor to call me back. I decided that now would be a great time to back my bag. Yes, I wait until the last minute to do everything! Nevin got the birth class book out of his car and we followed the checklist as we packed my bag. I remained calm. Nevin, however, was a different story! Dr. O’Shea finally called and said I’d have to come in and get checked out because if it was my water, they would have to do something to prevent infection.

At 9:45am, we left for the hospital. I said a quick good-bye to Lady and Oscar, thinking I’d see them in a few hours after the doctor told me that it wasn’t my water and it was a false alarm. Silly me again!

The nurse did a swab test and confirmed that my water had broken and that I was 4cm dilated. I forgot to mention that at our 37 week appointment on Thursday, June 7, 2012, Dr. Hovick said I was already 3cm. I later learned that while driving home from my baby shower in Easton, I was having contractions, but we’ll save that story for another post! When the nurse handed me a paper to sign giving her permission to admit me to the hospital, I asked her if I was going to have a baby today. She said, “Today or tomorrow!”. I was shocked and ecstatic at the same time.

We called the grandparents at 10:30am to tell them that my water had broken. Mimi and Pop Pop had a long way to drive, so we wanted to make sure they had time to get here before BK made his or her arrival. Babi wanted to come to the hospital right away, but we convinced her to stay at home for a few more hours because BK wasn’t coming anytime soon.

At noon, I met Dr. O’Shea who confirmed that I was still 4cm. The nurse told me that I would not be allowed to get out of bed once I got Pitocin, so Nevin and I took some laps around the maternity floor. Every nurse I saw on our walk told me they knew I was having a boy, just like my coworkers and everyone else had been saying my whole pregnancy.

My Pitocin was started at 1:30pm. At 2:45pm, Dr. O’Shea said that I was 5cm. The nurse warned me that I should ask for my epidural 45 minutes to an hour before I wanted it because the anesthesiologist was at home. At 3:45pm, my back labor was really bothering me, so I asked for the epidural.

At 4:45pm, I got my epidural and felt like a new woman! The pain was gone and I felt great. Mimi and Pop and Babi were in the waiting room and were allowed in my room to see me. It was crazy and exciting that the next time I’d see them, they’d be meeting their grandchild.

Here I am feeling much better after getting my epidural:

At 6:15pm, Dr. O’Shea checked me again and I was 7cm. Around 7:15pm, the nurse asked how I was. I told her it felt like I had to go to the bathroom so she went and got Dr. O’Shea. He checked me and I was 10cm. I couldn’t believe it was time already! I pushed for what felt like forever (even though I was cracking jokes in between pushes!) and Nolan was born healthy and screaming at 8:13pm.

Nolan is back in Mommy’s arms after being cleaned up:

Mimi fixing his hat (this was taken after she cried while holding him for the first time!):

Meeting Babi for the first time (Babi is Slovenian for Grandmother):

Meeting Pop for the first time:

One proud dad:

This is Nolan’s first bath. Daddy was in the nursery with him and Mimi and Pop and Babi were outside in the hallway watching through the window.

Getting all warm under the heat lamps after a bath:

The day after Nolan was born (Monday, June 11, 2012), Nevin and I had our date night dinner that the hospital provides. I had coconut shrimp and Nevin had steak. Nolan was in his bassinet, but got the hiccups for the first time while we were eating. Being the nervous parents we were, one of us held him the entire time we ate. So much for a romantic dinner! On a side note, all of the food I ate at the hospital was fantastic

Here is Beaver Stadium from our window in the hospital:

We were ready to leave the hospital on Tuesday, but the pediatrician recommended that we spend another night in the hospital because Nolan’s breaths per minute were a bit increased. I was discharged on Tuesday, so I was considered a “nesting mother” which basically meant I was only staying in the hospital because Nolan depended on me for food. Since I was Group B Strep positive, the pediatrician thought Nolan might have pneumonia. They did a chest x-ray Tuesday night and thankfully, everything was fine. By 9:30am on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 we were on our way home. I couldn’t wait to get out of that hospital and get back to my puppies, my house, and my bed!

Here is Nolan waiting for the nurse to come inspect his car seat before leaving:

The dogs did a fantastic job meeting Nolan. I went in the house first and Nevin stayed outside with Nolan. I hugged and pet Lady and Oscar for a few minutes and then Nevin came in with Nolan. Lady sniffed him once and laid down in her bed. Oscar was very curious and kept sniffing, but didn’t bother Nolan. We were happily surprised!

Nolan had jaundice, so we had to go to the doctor on June 15, 2012. The pediatrician told me that I had to wake him every 2 hours to feed him so that he’d gain weight and loose the jaundice. She said when he’s 7 pounds, I can stop waking him every 2 hours to eat. When we went back 10 days later for our 2 week check-up, he was over 7 pounds and growing well. I was looking forward to sleeping longer than 2 hours at a time, but it didn’t happen right away.

Here’s Daddy helping Nolan get some Vitamin D to get rid of that jaundice:

This month was all about meeting family and friends, sleeping, eating, and pooping. Everyone who held him (and that’s a lot of people!) said he’s very strong. Nevin and I both got pooped on and peed on multiple times. Nolan even peed on his bedroom wall a couple of times! Nolan was eating every hour and a half to two hours throughout the night, so he slept in our room this whole month in his Pack N Play. He learned how to use his eyes to focus and find objects like mommy and daddy. Nolan sneezed a lot and had lots of gas. He’s a great baby and only cried when he’s hungry.

My boys:

Nolan frequently sleeps with his arm or both arms above his head: