August 2012

On Nolan’s 2 month birthday, we moved him to his crib at night. He did well, but was still getting up every 2 hours to eat. Look at the huge belly in his 2 month picture:

Nolan’s 2 month well baby appointment was on August 16, 2012. He got 3 shots and only cried for a few seconds. We have a tough boy on our hands! A few hours later, he was screaming and no matter what I did, I could not get him to stop.  This was the first time he had ever cried like that and I cried right along with him. Like the new mom I was, I didn’t have Tylenol on hand. Luckily Babi brought us some and that solved the problem. He weighed in at 13 pounds which put him in the 46th percentile. He was 24.5 inches long which means he grew 5 inches since birth. He was in the 94th percentile for height and it looks like he’ll be tall like his daddy! The pediatrician told us that his head is flat, so we should do 10 minutes of “tummy time” 4 times a day.

Nolan learned how to make a cooing sound and scream (happily!) this month. He also learned pretty good head control and can bear weight on his legs. He can hold himself up on his arms while laying on his belly, too. He has been sleeping for 5 to 6 hours at night and after waking to eat, he sleeps another 3 hours. He’s getting so big and changing so much way too quickly!

When we put Nolan in his crib and wind up his mobile, his arms and legs go like crazy! He loves it and is happy there for a few minutes while mommy goes to the bathroom or puts away laundry. When laying on his changing pad, he does the same thing which makes it pretty difficult to change his diaper or get him dressed!

On August 14 and 15, Babi got to watch Nolan while I met my kindergarten students at Kindergarten Camp. I cried 3 separate times before leaving him, but was fine as soon as I got to work. The mornings went by very quickly, Nolan did great at Babi’s house, and I was happy to not have to do it again until January.