September 2012

Nolan did not have a doctor appointment this month, but this month was a huge month for Nolan’s social and physical development.

We took our first trip to Easton for Labor Day weekend. Nolan did a wonderful job in the car. On the way there, he woke up after about 2 hours and I gave him a bottle. We didn’t have to stop once. On the way home, Daddy had to use the bathroom, so I took Nolan out of his car seat and fed him instead of giving him a bottle. Nolan met so many of my friends and family and he did a great job throughout the busy weekend!

Auntie Cait was the first one there to meet him which was appropriate since we’ve been dreaming of this day since we were children walking up and down Hillcrest Drive.

Great Grammy and Nollie:

As soon as we got back from Easton, Nolan’s sleep schedule was off. He was waking up every 1 1/2 to 3 hours to eat. I thought¬† he might have been thrown off from the car trip, but he never readjusted. I then thought it might be teething, but I haven’t seen a tooth yet. This lasted the whole month of September, so I was one tired mama.

I forgot to take a picture of Nolan on his 3 month birthday in a onesie, so this one is while he’s in his pajamas, right before bed.

Nolan learned how to roll from his tummy to his back, which made “tummy time” difficult! I stopped doing it for a while because all he’d do when I put him on his back was roll over. Now, he’s much better at staying on his tummy.

On September 23, 2012, we had a “Birth Class Reunion”. We took birthing classes through Childbirth Education Association throughout May and June. Nevin and I actually¬† missed the last 2 classes because we had Nolan early. However, we did return for the last class (June 25, 2012) to tell our classmates about labor and delivery. At the reunion, all of our classmates brought something to eat for the Pot Luck and we lined the babies up on the couch for pictures. Our instructor showed us a similar picture during one of our birth classes in May and I remember being so excited to have that same picture. Here it is!

Nolan, Kassidy, Levi, Caiden, Amelia, Andersen (Annalise and her parents moved to Pittsburgh after she was born):

Nolan had his first cold at the end of the month and had his first trip to the doctor for sickness. I thought it was an ear infection because when I laid him on his side to nurse, he screamed and cried and I couldn’t console him. He also had a fever of 100.6. The doctor didn’t see an ear infection, but told me to bring him back if he doesn’t get better within the next few days. Nolan’s fever went down and minus the stuffy nose and coughing, he seemed better. While waiting in the doctor’s office, Nolan hit the toys on his toy bar on his car seat for the first time! I didn’t feel comfortable busting out the camera in the waiting room, but he did it again later that day and I was able to capture it with the video camera.

When Nevin gets home from work, Nolan “talks” to him like crazy! It’s the cutest thing. Nolan also learned how to pull his head up while sitting and grab and hold on to objects. He can stand up really well and his head control is excellent. He smiles at everyone and really is a happy, pleasant baby.

On September 30, 2012, Nolan had his first trip to the pumpkin patch, Harner Farm. Nolan slept the whole time, so Nevin and I picked out Nolan’s pumpkin for him.

That same day, he wore his new Eagles shirt that Mimi and Pop got him: