November 2012

On November 3, Nolan and I went to Easton. He slept the entire drive there. As soon as we go to Easton, we went to a baby shower for Dan and Britt. After that, Auntie Elise stopped by to visit. Nolan also had his first trip to Sophia’s for dinner. While there, I fed him oatmeal and the other people in the restaurant were laughing at him because he screams for more if I’m not giving it to him fast enough! On Sunday, Auntie Cait, Nancy B., and Lisa and the girls came to visit. We then left for State College and the drive home was not nearly as good as the drive to Easton. I stopped 3 different times, one to feed him and change his diaper and the other 2 were to give him toys and his binky. There was a lot of crying and I couldn’t wait to get home. That was the first and last time I’ll be traveling with a baby alone (someone remind me of this the next time I get the idea to travel alone again!).

Here is Nolan on his 5 month birthday, November 10, 2012:

Let me put that camera in my mouth:

On Tuesday, November 20, Nolan, Nevin, Babi and I left for Washington D.C. Nolan did a fantastic job on the drive there. We stopped once to feed him and change his diaper. It took us about 41/2 hours to get there, but we are glad we made the trip. We got to visit with Aunt Barbara, Uncle Alex, and cousin Matisse. The cousins interacted, we had a delicious lunch, dinner, and breakfast, went on a walk, and took lots of pictures of the cousins together. Hopefully we’ll see the Wilson family this summer!

On Wednesday afternoon, Nevin, Nolan and I left for Easton. Again, Nolan did a great job during the drive. The 5 1/2 hour drive was a lot for a 5 month old, but we only stopped once to feed him and change his diaper and he was pleasant for the majority of the trip. When we got to Easton, we visited with Uncle Brad and then went to the Compton Bonfire.

We got to the bonfire around 8:00pm, past Nolan’s bedtime, and he was not a happy camper. He cried a lot (that’s what I get for taking a baby to a party during his bedtime!) and not a lot of people got to hold him. We finally got him to go to sleep in his Pack N Play which meant I got to spend some time with my best friends. It’s always great to see my girls during Thanksgiving in Easton!

On Thursday, Nolan and I went to Auntie Elise’s house for a tailgate before the Easton versus Phillipsburg game. After a good night’s sleep, Nolan was back to his normal self and all of the girls got to hold him and play with him.

Nolan sat up on his own for the first time while at Mimi and Pop’s house. Although he’s using his hands, it still counts!

Our Thanksgiving feast was at the Buckman’s house. We had a delicious meal (Nolan had pears!) and took our dessert to go so we could get home to Lady and Oscar sooner. Nolan also took his binky out and put it back in himself while we were eating dinner. He slept the entire car ride back to State College.

Overall, I’d day Nolan’s first out of state trip and first time doing 3 cities in 3 days was tiring and stressful at times, but a success! We got to spend time with lots of family and friends and Nolan did a wonderful job. We hope everyone had as great of a Thanksgiving as we did!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the King family on November 24, 2012. Since we didn’t get a family picture on actual Thanksgiving, I made sure to get one then.

Nolan experienced his first snowfall in November! We got about 1 inch of snow on November 27 and I’m glad I took his picture when I did because it melted by the afternoon.