January 2013

I went back to work on January 2nd. The first day was awful and the first 2 weeks were pretty difficult. I cried a lot, was very sad, and felt very guilty for leaving Nolan. I felt like a bad mom for going back to work. What made it even worse was that when I would get to Jana’s to pick him up, he would cry when he saw me. However, now that we’re in a routine and I know that Nolan is happy at his Babi’s house (and he doesn’t cry when he sees me anymore), our new “normal” isn’t that bad. I’m actually more productive both at work and at home because I know that my free time is limited. Babi has been teaching Nolan a lot and he’s still the same happy, outgoing, and busy baby boy we all love.

Nolan turned 7 months old on January 10th. Here he is, playing with his favorite “toy”, the remote, on his 7 month birthday:

On January 16th, Nolan had to go back to the doctor to get his flu booster. They called me 2 days before to tell me that they were out of the flu vaccine. They ordered it for me at Wegman’s, but I wasn’t allowed to pick it up until 30 minutes before Nolan’s appointment. Luckily Nevin has a wonderful, flexible work schedule so he was able to get the vaccine at Wegman’s and meet me at Jana’s before Nolan’s appointment. The waiting room was busy and we ended up waiting 30 minutes to get the shot. Nolan cried a little bit when they gave him the vaccine, but quickly recovered. When I walked in the door to go to the examining rooms, the nurses were talking about how cute Nolan is, as usual!

Nolan plays peek-a-boo now. If you put a piece of clothing over his face, he’ll pull it off and laugh when you say “peek-a-boo”. He’ll then keep pulling it on and off his face to hear your say “peek-a-boo”. He also gives kisses! Although they are sloppy and wet, I can’t get enough of them. We have no teeth yet!