February 2013

Nevin, Nolan, Babi/Jana, and I took a trip to Easton last weekend. We had lots to do while we were there, as usual!

Auntie Cait came to Mimi and Pop’s house on Saturday, February 2, 2013 to give Nolan his first haircut. I started to give him a “comb over” a few months ago because his hair was too long to wear it straight down. Recently, his hair got to the point where he couldn’t see even when it was combed over, so I knew it was time for his first haircut. She did a wonderful job and Nolan looks so grown up now!

He’s all ready for his first haircut:

Auntie Cait doing what she does best:



Nolan was baptized on Sunday, February 3, 2013. His godmother is his Aunt Barbara and his godfather is his Uncle Brad. Pastor Dan (Auntie Cait’s dad) baptized him at his church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Bethlehem. It was a really nice service and I’m so glad that Pastor Dan, who watched me grow up, got to baptize my son.

On Friday, February 8, Nevin was feeding Nolan asparagus (he ate an entire bunch of pureed asparagus) and he mentioned that he thought he saw a tooth. We have been able to see his 2 bottom teeth through his gums for a few weeks now and have been waiting patiently. When Nevin left to pick dinner up for us, I stuck my finger in Nolan’s mouth and Nevin was right. Nolan’s bottom left tooth in the middle came through! The bottom right looks like it will also be through within the next couple of days.

Here is Nolan on his 8 month birthday on February 10, 2013. I can’t believe he’s 8 months old already!

Nolan spent his first Valentine’s Day with a fever. I was putting him down for a nap after we got home from work and when I kissed his forehead, it felt warm. His temperature was 100.1. When I have called the doctor’s office in the past for a fever, their first question is always, “Does it go down with Tylenol?”, so I gave him a dose before putting him down for a nap. He maintained a low fever throughout the night and Friday morning as well. Nevin’s birthday was on Friday and we had planned to go out to dinner, but since Nolan was not feeling well, we got take out instead. Nolan’s fever finally disappeared on Saturday, just in time for a visit from Mimi and Pop. I’m chalking the fever up to teething since his two bottom middle teeth are working their way through.

Nolan is not willing to eat pureed foods anymore, so we are now giving him small chunks of soft foods (pear, apple, banana, blueberry, avocado, broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, pasta, etc.). He loves to feed himself and it’s much easier to make food for him.

Before falling asleep, Nolan gets up on all fours in his crib and rocks back and forth. This means that he is getting ready to crawl! He is somewhat mobile now. He figured out that he can get something he wants while on his belly by grabbing it and pulling it toward him. He has also learned how to turn all the way around while on his belly. I’m not ready for him to crawl yet!

Here he is for the first time on all fours in the family room (2/4/13):

We got a new baby monitor two weeks ago because I dropped ours on the tile in the family room and it broke. Our new monitor has a bigger screen and the screen can be split for 4 different cameras. Nevin thinks it will be perfect for when he have all 4 of our children!

Nolan makes a big smile where he scrunches up his nose and breathes in and out of it quickly. My mom told me that I used to make the same face. It’s good to hear something about Nolan that relates to me since I always hear how much Nolan looks like Nevin! I’m trying to get a picture of him in action and as soon as I do, I’ll post it!