March 2013

On March 4, Nolan “army” crawled for the first time. He grabs the carpet with his hands and brings both knees to his chest in order to get where he wants to go. Now that he’s mobile, we have to be very careful where we put him down. He’s very efficient and in no time at all, he can be across the room putting cords into his mouth. I guess it’s time to baby proof the house!

That same night, he slept 8 hours in a row for the first time. He must have been exhausted from crawling around all afternoon! He has been sleeping for 8 hours since and he’s even slept 10 hours a few times, too. If you’ve been following Nolan’s sleeping habits, this is a HUGE step. He was getting up every 4 hours, which was not fun for me working full time. Now, after I feed him around 3am, he doesn’t wake up again until I wake him at 7am to eat before I leave for work. I am really enjoying not waking up twice throughout the night!

Nolan was 9 months on March 10th. I can’t believe that in 3 months we’ll be celebrating his 1st birthday….time flies! Here he is on his 9 month birthday:

Last post, I reported that Nolan was sleeping 8 hours in a row. Unfortunately, Daylight Savings Time put an end to that. This week, he’s been sleeping anywhere from 4 hours to 6 hours, but has yet to go back to sleeping 8 hours in a row. I hope he adjusts to the time change soon because I’m tired!

Nolan’s 9 month doctor appointment was on March 14 with Dr. Chace. The doctor said Nolan looks great and commented on his “beautiful hair” (of course!). We reported that he waves and claps, says “mama”, and knows the difference between Nevin and me. The nurse did a developmental test with a tennis ball and a bell, which Nolan passed. She also pricked his finger to check his iron levels. He didn’t react at all to the finger prick and the iron levels came back normal. There were no vaccinations at this appointment!

Nolan weighs 18 pounds, 13 ounces which puts him in the 42nd percentile. He is 29 inches long which is the 74th percentile. Dr. Chace said he is “lean”. His head grew and the doctor was not concerned about how small his head his (11th percentile!). Nolan went down in percentile in everything, but that is not an issue because he’s still growing, just not a quickly as before. This should save us some money since he’ll most likely be in 12 month clothes for more than a couple months!

I recently discovered that my pump is broken and that is the reason I have not been getting a lot of milk at work. I was concerned that Nolan was not getting enough milk during the day, but Dr. Chace said he didn’t think it was an issue which made me feel much better. I am fixing the problem with my pump and am looking forward to getting more milk when I get my new pump.

Nolan’s first St. Patrick’s Day was uneventful. It was cold and rainy so we hung out at home and played. We then had dinner at Babi’s because it was a Sunday.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day:

Here’s a great shot of his bottom teeth:

Nolan and I went to Easton for Easter. He did a fantastic job in the car on the way there, but he cried during the majority of the trip on the ride home. We got to visit with Auntie Cait, Auntie Barb, and Auntie Jess. We ate dinner with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Gary at Mimi and Pop’s house. Since we surprised Mimi and Pop with our Easter visit, they celebrated Easter with Nolan on March 22. He got a talking turtle toy, pajamas, and an Easter book.

Here’s Nolan opening his Easter basket from Mimi and Pop:

Here is Nolan with Great Grammy and Great Raymond while visiting in Easton: