April 2013

For a while Nolan has been army crawling and would only get up on “all fours” while in his crib. On March 16, he “real” crawled for the first time! He still prefers army crawling and only “real” crawls when he wants to go over something or get around something.

On March 25, Nolan’s top left tooth broke through the gum. He’s been handling teething very well. He also pulled himself up to a standing position for the first time using the walker that Santa brought him for Christmas.

On April 5, Nevin went into Nolan’s bedroom to get him to bring him to Babi’s for the day and Nolan was standing up holding on to the slats of the crib! Weeks prior to this, he had been holding on to the crib while on his knees, but that was the first time we saw him standing in his crib. Since then, he stands in his crib every ┬ámorning and at nap time, too. We’re in trouble!

On April 9, Nolan crawled up the family room stairs into the kitchen for the firs time. Now we’re really in trouble! His right front tooth and the tooth next to his top left are also about half way in.

Here is Nolan on his 10 month birthday, April 10:

Since he rarely sits still nowadays, this was the best picture I could get. Oh and yeah, this was taken after he crawled off the couch and landed on his head while I was trying to get a picture! He sure moves quickly!

I’m happy to report that daylight savings time did not mess with Nolan’s sleep schedule for long. He’s back (and has been for a while) to sleeping 8 hours per night and I’m extremely happy!

Since Nolan and I got home past his bedtime on Easter night, we celebrated Easter with Dada on April 1 (Easter Monday). Nolan got a tunnel, new shoes, 4 Sandra Boynton books, and an outfit for the spring weather.

Here he is before he opened his gifts:

He liked crawling through the tunnel!

Shortly after his 10 month birthday, Nolan started walking around in his crib. He starts at one end and walks to the other end while holding on to the railing. It’s a great way for him to delay taking a nap!

We lowered his crib when he was first able to stand, but it is very hard for me to put him down since the mattress is so low and I’m so short. However, Nolan is a great helper because when he wakes up, he stands in his crib and reaches his arms out to me. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Right around the time when Nolan was 10 1/2 months old, he started to walk while holding on to the couch and his walker that Santa brought him for Christmas. He looks like a drunken sailor when he walks with the walker and he falls, but he’s determined to try again after he falls.

On April 27, Nolan went to his first birthday party. His buddy Axel turned 1 and we went to Circleville Park to celebrate. When Axel and Nolan first saw each other, Nolan wanted to hug and kiss Axel. I was holding Nolan and Shelley was holding Axel and Nolan kept reaching toward Axel. When we held them closer to each other, Nolan went in for the hug and kiss! Axel wasn’t thrilled until he started to touch Nolan’s hair, but the thrill didn’t last long.

Here he is going down a slide for the first time with Mama:

He loves to swing:

On May 4, Nolan crawled on all 4s all day and he now crawls on all 4s all the time. I think he learned that he can get around much faster crawling on all 4s! He’s a quick little bugger!

Nolan learned the word “dada” and Nevin is thrilled! We are now working on dog. When he sees the dogs (or anything for that matter) he exclaims “uhuhuh”. He is very vocal and talks to the dogs frequently.

He still loves to eat and surprises me with how much food he puts down. He’d rather eat solids than nurse, so it’s been a struggle keeping my supply up. He nurses really well in the morning and at night, but during the day he’s too busy and distracted to eat. His favorite food is blueberries and we have yet to find a food that he doesn’t like. We give him table food and it’s so nice that he can eat what we eat. We have to put his food on our plate and then give it to him so that he thinks he’s eating what we are eating because he’s not happy if the food does not come from our plates. He still gets extremely excited when we put him in his highchair.

Nolan still has 5 teeth (top 2 in front, 1 to the left of the front left, and bottom 2 in front). The tooth directly to the right of the right front has been poking through for weeks now, but just won’t break through the gum. He’s been very good about the teething. He drools a lot and has a runny nose, but he doesn’t complain.