June 2013

You’d think I’d be posting more often throughout the summer since I’m not working, but we were just so busy! The summer flew by, but we had an incredible time! I’m already looking forward to next summer when Nolan will be able to do and enjoy even more than we did this summer.

On June 2, we gave Nolan cow’s milk for the first time. He had a few sips, but wasn’t crazy about it.

Here is Nolan’s 12 month picture taken a few days before (June 2) so we could have it for his birthday party:

And this one is just too cute not to share:

The night of June 11, Nolan slept through the night for the first time ever, from 7:30pm to 7:30am! I was hoping it wasn’t just a one time thing, but he’s been sleeping through the night ever since. He goes to bed between 7:00 and 8:00 and sleeps all the way through until 7:00 or 7:30. He also takes two 2 hour naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I really relied on those naps to get my graduate school work done and I’m not sure I would have been able to do it without those naps!

On June 14, Nolan bent over to pick something up off the floor instead of sitting down to get it. What a big boy! He also started walking from one piece of furniture to another without sitting down first.

Nolan’s first birthday party was on Saturday, June 8 at our house. The theme was The Little Blue Truck which is a book I was given from a parent of one of my students last year. It’s a story about a kind, friendly blue truck who makes friends with the farm animals along his route. When a mean dump truck gets stuck in the mud, Blue helps, but he gets stuck too. Luckily  Blue made friends with the farm animals because they come to help Blue and the dump truck out of the mud.

Here are some of the decorations:

Using the monthly pictures that I posted on here, I (with the help of Mimi) made a newborn to 12 months picture banner of Nolan. Here it is:

The present table was outside:

Mimi, Pop, Uncle Brad, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Gary, Auntie Jamie, Uncle Brett, Camden, Babi, Grandpa, Great Grandma King, and Sirkki Liisa were at the party. We had chips and dips, sandwiches, veggies, and potato salad. Nolan’s cake was made at Dolce Vita and it was vanilla and chocolate cake with raspberry in the middle. Nolan’s smash cake was vanilla.

Nolan’s smash cake:

Nolan did a great job with his smash cake. He loved the icing and ate a bit of the cake, too. he was messy, but the high chair and floor were not!

He wasn’t quite sure what to do when we all sang happy birthday to him. I got teary eyed when we started to sing, but I composed myself!

First touch of the icing:

This tastes pretty good, Mom:

Going for the cake:

The spoon was helpful:

We bought Nolan a ride-on bronco, a water table, The Little Blue Truck Leads the Way book, sunglasses, and pajamas. Here’s the bronco:

Nolan and Camden played in the water table. They both got soaked, but had a blast!

This was the best family picture I got. Nolan’s shorts are wet from playing in the water table!

Here’s Nolan after the party playing on the ride-on dog Aunt Nancy and Uncle Gary got him:

Nevin and I lounged in Nolan’s pool while Nolan played with his water table the day after his party. He really likes his new toy!

I took the day off on Nolan’s birthday. We went to the grocery store and ate and played a lot! It was an awesome day and I’m glad I got to spend it with him! Here is the last monthly picture, 12 months:

Here is Nolan enjoying the rest of his smash cake on his actual birthday:

Just about every Monday, Nolan and I would go to Rebecca’s house to swim in her pool with her daughter Emma, Christa and Seth, and Jamie and Camden. The weather was unseasonably cool this summer, so we didn’t get to go every Monday, but we had a great time when we did go. Nolan doesn’t really like being in the water and I think it’s because I have to hold him. I bought him a floating bumble bee raft, but he doesn’t like being in that either. We spend most of our time crawling around the yard playing with Emma’s toys and in her sandbox.

Throughout the summer, Nolan weaned himself from nursing completely. When summer began, he was only nursing right before bed and occasionally in the afternoon when he was tired or bumped his head or something similar. As the days went by, he began nursing less and less before bed until we got to the point where he doesn’t nurse at all before bed. It was sad not nursing anymore because he doesn’t feel like my baby, but I’m glad I got to do it for 13 months!

On June 24, Nolan stood without holding onto anything in the bathroom by the cabinet and then again in the playpen. He cruises along furniture and will transfer from one piece of furniture to another. On August 20, I was at an in-service and Nolan went from sitting to standing up by himself for the first time. He also stood alone for about 15 seconds, but I was able to be there for that one! He loves to push his walking toy around the family room and we have to turn it around for him when he gets to one end of the room. On August 19, he turned his walker around by himself a few times.

Nolan’s 12 month appointment was on June 25th with Dr. Schwab. He weighs 21 pounds, 11 ounces and he is 2 feet, 6.5 inches tall. He is leveling out with his height and is now in the 73rd percentile as opposed to the 99th that he’s been in for a while. Nolan would not drink cow’s milk when I first introduced it to him. Dr. Schwab suggested warming the milk first, however Nolan did not like that at all! I did some research online and tried mixing chocolate milk (I even gave him straight up chocolate milk), strawberry milk, orange juice, and drinkable yogurt with the cow’s milk. The drinkable yogurt did the trick and now he drinks lots of whole milk without anything added into it. I also discussed how he constantly stands on his toes and his right foot is turned out when he walks behind his walker and when he climbs up the stairs. Dr. Schwab informed me that he should grow out of both of these in 6 months and to turn his foot in whenever I see it out. I did that for a few days and his right foot is now turned in when he walks and goes up the stairs. He is still on his toes a lot, but she also suggested having him wear sneakers as soon as he starts walking to help weigh down his heels so he stops walking on his toes. I walked on my toes for a long time, so it’s no surprise that Nolan is, too! Nolan got 4 separate shots this appointment and he did his cry where he doesn’t breathe. The nurse stopped giving him the shots so that he could breathe and he eventually did, but it was so scary. As soon as the shots were over, he stopped crying and was fine the rest of the day.