July 2013

We spent Nolan’s second 4th of July at Great Aunt Lynne’s house. We had a cookout and Nolan sat on the picnic table with us. He ate a hot dog and lots of cucumber salad and really enjoyed the watermelon, too. Before we left, Nevin noticed a tic on Nolan’s upper right thigh. Since it was so hot that day, we took off his clothes and let him crawl around the grass in his diaper so the tic had easy access. Luckily, the tic had not been in him too long and Great Uncle Robert was able to remove it with his special tic remover tool. Nolan didn’t even flinch when we removed it. I watched the spot for a few days and didn’t notice anything and he also didn’t have any other symptoms. Jamie told me that the pediatrician told her sister that it takes about 3 days for a tic to pass on Lyme Disease and the tic was only in Nolan for a few minutes. It was very small, so I don’t think it ate any of his blood.

Here he is on July 22 playing with his busy board his dad made him:

On Friday, July 12th, Nolan went to his first Arts Festival. The weather was perfect and the crowd wasn’t too big. It was a great evening with lots of delicious food. On July 13th, Nolan went to his second People’s Choice Festival where we met Aunt J, Uncle B, and Cam and walked around with them. It was really hot, but we had great food and enjoyed the scenery and the company.

On July 29, Nolan and Camden played at the Arboretum. It ¬†was Camden’s first time there, so we walked around the whole place. We went to the marsh area and rose garden for the first time which were really neat. The boys crawled around in the grass and loved playing on the Stonehenge stones. We can’t wait for the children’s garden to be open next summer!