January 2014

On Saturday, January 18 I took a pregnancy test (the 3rd one so far!). After waiting about 1 minute and not seeing a pink line, I went back to bed to watch TV with Nolan. It wasn’t until about an hour and a half later when I went to the bathroom that I noticed a faint pink line on the test which was still sitting on the counter. I then dug through the garbage to find the pregnancy test I took on Thursday (January 16) and that one had a faint 2nd line as well. I (of course) googled what that means and what I read didn’t help: I read that either you’re pregnant and the levels are so low that it took longer than the suggested time for the 2nd line to show up or it was a false positive due to the urine drying up and causing an “evaporation” line. Mimi and Pop were visiting that weekend and I couldn’t wait until they left on Sunday (January 19) to take another test (no offense!). ¬†After they left, I took another test (#4) and the 2nd line showed up faint after about 1 minute of waiting!!!

Every due date calculator online tells me a due date of Sunday, October 5, 2014. Looks like we have a little less than 9 months to enjoy life as a family of 3!!


We are beyond thrilled that we are having a second child and can’t wait for Nolan to be a big brother!!! I tried to get Nolan to hold the small chalkboard, but he had a hard time looking at the camera and showing the camera the chalkboard, so this was the best we could get. This was taken on the day we found out (for sure) that we were pregnant again, January 19:IMG_1201

Here are all the tests:IMG_1208