April 2015

April 3 – Traditional Easter Egg Dying

Since the shaving cream Easter eggs didn’t turn out vibrantly, I decided to do the traditional Easter egg dying with vinegar and food coloring.IMG_2652




When all of the eggs were colored, it was time to experiment with the colored vinegar.IMG_2656


And we, of course, had to add baking soda to the mix for some Easter volcanoes!IMG_2658


The traditional dyed hands picture: IMG_2660

April 4 – Easter Dinner

We ate Easter dinner a day early with the King family so that everyone could participate. Great Grandma, Andrea, Uncle Mark, Lynne, Robert, Vlad, and Lillijana were all at Babi’s and Grandpa’s for a loud, fun Easter dinner. We were late arriving because Nolan fell asleep late for nap and didn’t wake up until 4:45 (he always sleeps late when we have somewhere to go in the afternoon, always!). Nolan had a blast playing with Uncle Mark and Spencer was so good even though he skipped his afternoon nap and we kept him up late! Uncle Mark was driving a toy motorcycle all around the house (driving it on people, too!) and Nolan just loved it. He also enjoyed playing with an Easter balloon. Nolan was excited to get to bed so the Easter bunny could come. Here’s what the Easter bunny brought:IMG_2661

April 5 – Spencer’s First Easter

Spencer woke around 7:40 am and Nolan woke shortly after. When Nolan opened his door, he found a trail of eggs that the Easter bunny left for him to follow. He followed it downstairs into the living room to find more eggs. Nolan LOVED finding eggs, opening them, and eating what was inside. In fact, after he found all of the eggs, he wanted to keep looking for more. Nolan ate a lot of candy, but I was able to convince him to save the candy in his basket for later. Besides candy, Nolan got a water bottle, summer shoes, and play doh from the Easter bunny. Spencer got a bubble machine and enjoyed watching Nolan during the egg hunt and opening his first ever Easter basket. We took the bubble machine outside and Nolan loved running into the bubbles and Spencer enjoyed sitting and watching them coming out. I bet we’ll have a lot of fun with this bubble machine in the months ahead!

Following the trail of eggs from his bedroom:IMG_2662

Opening the eggs and eating the candy as he goes:IMG_2663

Look what Oscar found:IMG_2665

“Before opening” pictures don’t really work well with a 6 month old:IMG_2666


Nolan put all of the empty eggs in the bucket and then hid the entire bucket over and over:IMG_2668

Eating M&Ms from an egg while Daddy and Spencer (Lady, too!) look on:IMG_2671

Caught you eating more M&M’s:IMG_2672



We couldn’t wait to test out the bubble machine outside:IMG_2677



Spencer loved looking at the bubbles (look at that outrageous hair!!):IMG_2681



Nolan loved when we hid the empty Easter eggs again so he could go find them. Here’s an action shot:IMG_2686

Trying to take a picture of an active toddler is very difficult. I’m lucky he settled for a selfie:IMG_2691



Well, he’s just too cute for words:IMG_2698  IMG_2700

April 6 – We’re Outside

It was a cold, cold winter. There are no words to describe how good this day in the sunshine felt. IMG_2707

Love that bubble machine:  IMG_2710

Nolan collected large sticks and put them into the rock bed:  IMG_2713

A boy and his dog:IMG_2714  IMG_2716  IMG_2718

Still carrying those sticks:IMG_2719


April 9 – Spencer slept from 10:00 pm – 3:00 am!!!!

April 11 – Olive oil cradle cap treatment 

Spencer had cradle cap just like Nolan did, but there is a big difference between the 2: Nolan used to love when I would comb his hair and scrape off the cradle cap and Spencer does not like that. Since it looked like he had bruises on his forehead, I decided to use olive oil to loosen up the cradle cap so I could comb it out. Spencer would not let me take a picture of the top of his head. He kept looking up at the camera, so these pictures were the best I could do: IMG_2721  IMG_2723     IMG_2728

April 13 – Blueberries

Spencer hasn’t been enjoying purees so I decided to try the mesh feeder. Even though it was very messy, he seemed to enjoy it! IMG_2729 IMG_2730  IMG_2732 IMG_2733  IMG_2735

April 18 – Blue-White Weekend & 30th Birthday Celebrations

Mimi and Pop came Friday morning and brought Nolan a Power Wheels and Cozy Coupe from Great Grammy’s neighbor. Nolan is a little too big for he Cozy Coupe, but Spencer will definitely enjoy it when he’s old enough. Nolan sure is a wild man in the Power Wheels! He doesn’t quite get that he has to steer and press the pedal at the same time, so the Power Wheels just goes everywhere. It’s fun to run along with him and steer for him. That evening, Kelly and Mike and Kate and Ryan came for the tailgate the next day. Unfortunately, as I was meeting Kelly & Mike in the driveway, Nolan threw up on his bed and floor. He then woke up several times throughout the evening and had a fever of 103.7 around 5:00 am. I gave him medicine which took the fever away. He seemed much better on Saturday morning, so I didn’t even think twice about bringing him along to the tailgate.

We left for the field around 11:00 am and got an excellent spot by the Blue Band Building. We were able to tell everyone who was meeting us there that we were right under the Blue Band Tower which made it easy for people to find us (one of my big worries for the day). The weather was absolutely beautiful! Okay, maybe it was a little too sunny because most of us got our first burn of the season and some are sporting some very unique burn lines. Nolan was playing with the boys at our tailgate and a boy from the tailgate next door when he started to not feel well. His was losing his voice and saying that his throat hurt. He wanted so badly to feel well and to play, but he just couldn’t. He sat in Pop’s truck with Pop for a bit and then got out to play again. That didn’t last too long before he asked to go in my car. He sat in his car seat and fell asleep. Pop and Babi took turns hanging out with him. When he woke up, he was hot to the touch and could barely keep his eyes open so we decided to send him to Babi’s house with her. Nolan was a bit upset when he realized he was going to be leaving, but was fine as soon as Grandpa started driving. We continued eating, drinking, talking, and playing beer pong until around 5:30 when we cleaned up and headed home. When we got home, I bathed the boys and put them to bed. We ate dinner and sat around the fire and drank and caught up with friends. Overall we had a great 30th birthday tailgate! We are thankful for the family and friends that were able to make it, but missed the ones that couldn’t, including Nolan.

Barb and Julie came from Philly (even though they had a rough night before) to celebrate with us. They have celebrated all of my milestone birthdays with me (16, 18, 21), but I was especially happy that they could celebrate 30 with me!  IMG_2736

It was great seeing Lauren and Jamie. I miss seeing these girls every day!IMG_2737

Chris and Marisa won the award for farthest travelers:IMG_2738

Benner girls (missing Jennifer, Laura, & Rebecca):IMG_2739

My Penn State girls are the ones who gave me the idea for a Blue-White 30th birthday party. I’m so glad that we have kept in touch after all these years (8 to be exact!) and they were able to celebrate my 30th with me. Getting to meet Scarlett was awesome, too! Don’t you just adore her headband?IMG_2740

At least Spencer isn’t afraid of Nurse Julie (yet)!IMG_2741

So happy I get to celebrate 30 with my best friend!!!IMG_2742


Nolan and Cam had a blast driving their trucks up this board. This was taken shortly before Nolan started to feel bad. Poor Nolan!IMG_2744

We had real-life Glee sing at our tailgate. “The Statesmen” sang a few songs a capella and were a big hit. I loved them! They won me over when they started with the Friends theme song which I, of course, recorded and sent to Caitlin. They then sang the PSU alma mater and some other fight songs. The kids at the tailgate behind us were providing them with special effects bubbles which was adorable. Thanks, Statesmen!IMG_2746


Nap time for Spencer and Scarlett:IMG_2749

I got the cake from Wegman’s (1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla with whipped icing, so delicious) and before ordering, the woman told me that their blue frosting wasn’t dark anymore because they switched to all natural icings. I said that I didn’t care about that, but she didn’t tell me the green was a strange color, too!! Oh well! Mimi brought her “3” and “0” candle for the occasion and I love how the “3” has Snoopy on it. We couldn’t light the candles because it was so windy, but we still sang! I may or may not have had cake for breakfast for the next 3 days….IMG_2750


It was very bright:IMG_2753

These 2 will be walking and talking at our next tailgate. It’s hard to imagine! Future PSU alums? We already determined that they will not be roommates like their mommies were, but hey, we’ll settle for alums!IMG_2754

I love all of the baby chunkiness (arms, legs, chins, bellies) going on in these pictures:IMG_2756


Time for Spencer’s last nap of the day. Julie’s such a natural:IMG_2758

I’m so glad that Mike could finally make it to PSU with Kelly. We had a great time with him and hope he can come back next time Kelly does:IMG_2761

Kate and her mom made awesome Penn State cookies for the tailgate. They made a special one for Nolan as well as for us. The cookies were beautiful (and delicious) and I will continue trying to get Kate to open her own cookie shop (Hi, Kate!). Kate’s Kookies, anyone?? IMG_2763

April 19 – Spencer waved for the fist time to Mimi!

April 20 – Spencer is 7 Months!

Spencer can sit without assistance pretty well. He tends to lean forward to grab things and in the process, topples over forward. When holding him, he lunges forward to grab anything within his reach. He reaches for and grabs everything and puts everything in his mouth. He does not have any teeth yet, but enjoys chewing soft pieces of food (avocado, banana, boiled pears, etc.) and is liking purees more now. When he’s excited, he opens and closes his fingers and moves his legs up and down. Just like when he was in the womb, his legs are constantly going. In fact, I hear his legs moving against his car seat while we are driving. He blows raspberries frequently and is very vocal. He wraps his arms around your neck and “hugs” you when you pick him up. While nursing, he plsys with his hair and it’s the cutest thing. He wakes up multiple times per night (every 1-2 hours) and is in the process of transitioning from 3 to 2 naps throughout the day. He is such a Mamma’s boy and gets upset when other people try to hold him. He loves to watch Nolan play and giggles so much when Nolan blows raspberries on his belly. He’s a great baby who goes with the flow.

He loves to play with our 30th birthday balloons:IMG_2765


These photo shoots are getting tricky:  IMG_2793  IMG_2791  IMG_2789 IMG_2788   IMG_2785 IMG_2784   IMG_2781 IMG_2780 IMG_2779 IMG_2778  IMG_2776   IMG_2773    IMG_2769

April 27 – No More Toddler Bed for Nolan

Nolan has grown out of his converted-crib toddler bed! He does not lay on his pillow, but lays under it so his feet then hit the end of the crib and he just can’t get comfortable. He also insists on sleeping with 4 blankets and multiple toys which take up lots of space on the sides. We brought back the full size bed from Babi’s house (we moved it there when we moved Nolan into his big boy room at our old house) and set it up in his room. We went to Target and Nolan picked out dinosaur sheets. The change to a full size bed did not affect Nolan at all and I was very thankful for this.