May 2015

May 4 – Chicken for Spencer

Since Spencer wasn’t a fan of purees, we decided to try Baby Led Weaning which is basically skipping purees and giving them pieces of food to chew. This was Spencer’s first experience with chicken. He loved it and Nevin couldn’t keep up with how quickly he was eating it: IMG_2796

May 6 – Sippy Cup

We gave Nolan a sippy cup at 6 months and since Spencer was starting to eat people food, we decided it was time to give him one. It took him a bit to figure out how to use it, but he’s a pro at it now:IMG_2799

May 18 – My 30th Birthday

We went to Whipple Dam (the closest I could get to a beach on my birthday!) and had a great time in the sand and freezing cold water. We were the only people there! Nolan absolutely loved it and had a great time playing with Nevin in the water. On our way home, we stopped at California Tortilla to get a take out lunch. I got nachos, of course! After the boys napped, we went to Sweet Frog to have ice cream before dinner. We then stopped at Giant to get crab legs and Red Lobster cheddar biscuits for me for dinner. Nevin stayed in the car with Spencer while Nolan came in with me. In the check out line, Nolan wanted gum, but I said no. He had a huge meltdown that consisted of him screaming and crying on the floor. I had to call Nevin for help because I couldn’t get him out of the store. He sure helped to make my 30th birthday a memorable one!


Spencer’s first time in the sand. He loved it and kept eating it:IMG_2803


The water is freezing:IMG_2807

We planned it so that we were driving during nap time. We were hoping Spencer would fall asleep in the car, but that did not happen. So, I walked around with him in the Ergo until he fell asleep:IMG_2809


Maybe covering him will help him fall asleep?IMG_2811

The whole place to ourselves:IMG_2812


I’m in love with this picture of my boys and me:IMG_2814



My first “children”. Lady is almost 13 years old and Oscar is almost 7 1/2 years old.IMG_2821

May 20 – Spencer is 8 Months

Spencer is starting to become mobile. When you lay him down on his belly, he turns around 360 degrees. When sitting up, he falls forward and almost gets his knees under himself. Crawling is coming sooner than I’m ready for! My baby isn’t my baby anymore and once he’s mobile, things will become much harder! Spencer loves to eat, just like Nolan did at this age. If we are not feeding him fast enough, he whines. He also opens and closes his fists while eating which, I think, is his way of showing us that he’s excited. He eats boiled slices of sweet potato, zucchini, carrots, yellow squash, green beans, corn, peas, apple, and pear. He also eats what we eat. He’s had (and loved!) chicken, ground beef, turkey, potatoes, pizza crust, bread sticks, toast, hamburgers, grilled cheese, and pasta to name a few. He now wakes only 3 times per night. I put him down around 7:00 pm and he is up around 11:00 pm, 2:00 am, and 5:00 am and wakes up for the day around 7:00 am. He is so pleasant and just hangs out and goes with the flow. He LOVES the bath. He splashes both of his hands in the water over and over. He loves playing with the foam letter “A” and with the bubbles. I can pour water over his head, face, and eyes, and he doesn’t care. Spencer’s hair is so long that he has been mistaken for a girl 3 times in the past 2 weeks. The first was a volunteer at the library, the second time was a woman at the grocery store, and the most recent time was at Kid 2 Kid. I’d like to mention that he was wearing blue all 3 times, but all the ladies saw was the hair and the precious, chubby, round face.

I knew the photo shoot was going to be a challenge when this was the first picture:IMG_2838








I feel like I rarely update on Nolan these days and he’s pretty darn cute and smart so I should do it more often. Nolan is a character. He has more personality than he (or I) can handle. He loves to watch YouTube videos and play in the backyard. We got a swing from a yard sale and he loves when I push him on the swing as high as he can go. He speaks so well (and a lot) and loves when we praise him and give him positive reinforcement. He has his little “routines” as we call them and he gets very upset (I’m talking meltdowns upset) if we don’t let him do them. When we leave the house through the garage, he opens the garage door and hits it as it’s going up. When we leave, he closes the garage door. When we come back, he closes the garage door and hits it on the way down and opens the door to the house. He also has to jump over cracks in the house. We are working on getting him to poop in the potty instead of in his diaper. He is pretty good throughout the day with using the potty to pee, but still has a few accidents every now and then. He sleeps through the night on most nights, but when he gets up he wants me (and only me) which gets a little tricky if I’m in with Spencer when he wants me. Nolan does not eat very much at all. It is a lot of work/bribery to get him to eat. When he goes to bed, he frequently asks for a snack because he barely ate dinner (or he’s stalling…..hmmmm). He’s such a sweet, nice, kind, caring, polite, calm child and I’m always so proud of him when we go somewhere and when he interacts with other children. If a child is doing something that Nolan doesn’t like, he’ll say “no thank you” and most of the time, the child doesn’t listen, but Nolan doesn’t get mad or upset, he just keeps saying it and will come get me to help if needed. This makes me so, so proud that even though other children aren’t being kind, he still is.

May 21 – Fun at Home

Eating almonds in the basket:IMG_2840



We finally brought the grill back from storage (a.k.a. Babi’s and Grandpa’s basement) from when we moved and Nolan played with it like it was a brand new toy:IMG_2848

May 23 – More Fun at Home (Outside Version)


First time in a swing and loved it:IMG_2852


Frozen blueberries and celery to chew on:IMG_2856

May 24 – Memorial Day Weekend

I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing (both from scratch) for Pop’s and Mimi’s birthdays. The cake was delicious and Mimi said it was the first chocolate cake someone had made for her. She got to bring home leftovers, too.IMG_2859

May 25 – We decided that Boalsburg Memorial Day was going to be too hot and too crowded, so we decided to go see the ducks at the Alumni Pond on campus instead.IMG_2860



Forever true to you, dear old white and blue:IMG_2867




Headed to go get some lunch at Panera:IMG_2874

We went to Babi’s and Grandpa’s house for dinner that night. As soon as we heard the ice cream truck, we ran outside. This was the 2nd time Nolan has gotten ice cream from the truck (and both times were at Babi’s and Grandpa’s house!).IMG_2876

Picking out his ice cream:IMG_2877

He chose a creamsicle:IMG_2880

May 27:IMG_2882