July 2015

July 4 – Party at our House

Mimi and Pop decided to come for 4th of July this year. We invited Babi and Grandpa and the Beards for a cook out to celebrate the holiday.

IMG_3010 IMG_3011

Trying to get them to look at the camera, but they kept looking the wrong way:IMG_3013 IMG_3014  IMG_3016 IMG_3017  IMG_3019 IMG_3020  July 5  

Nolan loves to lay on the floor on his belly and play with his trucks/cars. I tried to catch him in action, but he rolled over. Still a cute picture, though:IMG_3025 What an actor: IMG_3027

Proof that someone else held Spencer:IMG_3028

Proof that Spencer doesn’t let anyone but me hold him:IMG_3029 IMG_3030

July 8 – Hanging at Home  IMG_3036

Nolan put Daddy’s shoes on all by himself:   IMG_3040

Whenever you put Spencer down in the family room, he immediately crawls (a.k.a. army crawls) to the corner of this bathroom. He pushes the toilet paper holder out of his way so he can get all the way back into the corner. Oh, and seeing this bathroom in a picture makes it look even uglier than it actually is.IMG_3041

Nolan looked adorable with his red mouth from his watermelon Rice Krispie treat.IMG_3042   IMG_3045

July 10 – People’s Choice

We met Nada, RAM, and Cole at People’s Choice and had a blast! We went in the petting zoo and fed the animals, we played with some of the science activities, we went in the bounce house, and finished with delicious food (hot dogs, french fries, funnel cake) and ice cream. We had such a fun morning and I’m so glad we got to spend it with the Madrid family. IMG_3047 IMG_3048   IMG_3051 IMG_3052 IMG_3053

The cow was very interested in Spencer:IMG_3054

The boys pushed a button and a vacuum made the ball rise in the air. They thought they were magical:IMG_3055

Having a blast in the bounce house:IMG_3056

The boys rode on the train all by themselves:IMG_3057 IMG_3058

We watched part of a BMX bike show. The boys were a little too young to thoroughly enjoy it (they had a hard time following the bikers) and it was very hot, so we only stayed for a few minutes:IMG_3059 IMG_3060

Nolan insisted on getting kettle corn:IMG_3061

Nolan picked Creamsicle because that’s the flavor he picked from the ice cream truck:IMG_3062


July 18

Spencer had his first taste of chocolate chip pancakes. He devoured them:  IMG_3066

Nevin put Nolan to nap and after it was quiet for about 30 minutes, I decided to go in to see what was going on. Nevin had fallen asleep with Nolan, too precious:IMG_3067  IMG_3069

July 20 – Spencer is 10 Months

Double digits bring mobility! Spencer can pull himself up to standing position and can even take a step or 2 while standing and holding on to something. He still prefers to “army crawl” with his belly on the floor and using his right leg to push off, but he can traditional crawl and does so when there is something he wants to crawl over. He is very interested in the stairs and tries unsuccessfully to go up them. He can go from laying on his belly or back to sitting up and I’ve found him in his crib like that a few times. He gets up about 2 times per night (sometimes 1, sometimes 3). He takes 2 naps throughout the day: 1 in the morning (anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes) and 1 in the afternoon (usually 2-3 hours). He has 3 teeth on the bottom (2 in the middle and the 1st to the left of the middle) and the 4th (1st to the right of the middle) is coming through. Spencer loves to smile at everyone and when anyone laughs, Spencer laughs. He’s constantly happy and loves to “talk”, blow raspberries, and scream. He loves to eat and eats almost everything. Spencer cries when anyone but me holds him. He screams and cries like he’s in pain until I hold him again. It makes it very difficult for me to do anything since I’m constantly holding him. Hopefully this is a phase and it won’t be like this for long! The 10 month photo shoot was definitely the hardest yet:

IMG_3070   IMG_3073     IMG_3078 IMG_3079 Finally, a good one!    IMG_3084


July 23 – Lower Crib for Spencer

Spencer has been holding onto the sides of his crib while on his knees for a few weeks or so, but one today after nap, I came in to find him standing up in his crib! He’s much more adventurous than Nolan so we had to lower it straight away.