January 2016

January 4 – Spencer’s 15th Month Well Child

About 45 minutes before his appointment, someone called to tell us that Dr. Brink couldn’t be in the office so we’d be seeing a different doctor. I was disappointed because I love Dr. Brink, but was thankful to still have his appointment. Spencer cried as soon as we were called back to the exam room and didn’t stop until we left. He would not sit still on the scale, so they had to weigh him on the scale outside of the room. He is 2 feet, 2.32 inches tall and 22 pounds. Since Spencer was crying I heard that one percentage is 38th percentile, but I don’t know which one it was and I don’t know the others. Oh well!

Dr. Duffy did not spend as much time with us as Dr. Brink normally does and I felt rushed. She didn’t bother looking at the spot where his tick was and didn’t try to get Spencer to stop crying, she just yelled over his cries. I was concerned that he wasn’t drinking cows’ milk yet, but she said he’s getting enough Vitamin D from other sources so he should be find. She asked if he said at least 3 words and I told her that he says many more than that. She suggested giving him all 4 vaccines at this appointment (instead of saving one for 18 month appointment) to get it over with, so I did and regretted it that evening. Spencer woke around 3:00 in the morning with a 102.3 degree fever. He then had a fever until Thursday (his appointment was Monday). Luckily the fever was never very high and it went away just in time for our trip to Easton.

January 10 – Mia’s Baptism

We traveled to Easton on January 9. We left a little before afternoon nap time, but afternoon naps weren’t the greatest. Spencer napped for about 40 minutes and Nolan didn’t nap at all. The boys were excited to play when we arrived. Uncle Brad, Aunt Megan, and Mia came for pizza for dinner. We gave the boys baths and then put them to bed. Spencer was wide awake from 12:30-3:30. Nevin spent the first 1/2 with him and I spent the second 1/2 with him. Needless to say, we were exhausted Sunday morning, but had a feeling this would happen.

Both boys were very well behaved during the service (thanks to snacks!). They came up to the front with us while Mia was getting baptized. For the last 15 minutes of the service, I took the boys to the nursery where they played with toys. When the service was over, many people commented on how well they did and how adorable they are which made us beam with pride. We then enjoyed sandwiches, chips, and cake for lunch with the rest of the congregation. It was a beautiful day that Nevin and I are so proud to be a part of. God bless Mia!

January 13 – Bye Minitab

When I heard the garage door open while the boys and I were eating lunch I never, in 1 million years, expected Nevin to walk in and hand me the letter he did. I thought Nevin surprised us by taking a 1/2 day. When I opened the door to the garage and saw his face, I first thought he was sick. Then he handed me the letter. After opening it and realizing what it was, I told him to tell me it was a joke and after a few minutes of repeating that this couldn’t be happening, we both broke down. A flood of emotions and questions rushed over me: What happened? Why you? Why now? Are you okay? What are we going to do? Do I need to go back to work? Do we need to sell this house? Can you get another job there? Why? Why? Why?

The rest of Wednesday was a blur of tears, pain, heartbreak and sadness. After processing it for some time, I was able to find some positives. I first realized that in the same day, someone somewhere had to break the news to their family that they had 2 months to live and that was not my family or me and that helped to put it into perspective. I also realized that, in true Minitab fashion, they are being an incredible employer right up until the very end of Nevin’s tenure there, March 31. Yes, it sucks. Yes, we’re sad, angry and feel betrayed by a company we thought we’d be a part of for a very long time. Yes, we will miss Minitab and the amazing manner in which they treated their employees and all of the benefits. Yes, we are scared about the future. Yes, we are worried about money. BUT, yes, we are all here together. Yes, we are all healthy. Yes, we have family and friends that support us and love us, near and far. Yes, we will get through this and things will be back to “normal” eventually. Yes, we will be able to look back on this day and the weeks/months to come as a stepping stone to where we are now. In the meantime, we are sucking it up, saying goodbye and moving on from an excellent 8.5 year-long run at Minitab, and looking into the future with high hopes and positivity. Although hard to believe right now, I believed this happened for a reason. We will get through this and will come out stronger, smarter, and more confident than before. I thank all of you in advance for your thoughts and prayers as we fight our way through this storm.

January 23-24 – First Snow Storm of the Winter

We got around 6-7 inches of snow (much less than Mimi’s and Pop’s 30 inches in Easton!). Nolan had a blast the first time we went out on Saturday morning. It was too close to Spencer’s nap time and he was easily frustrated because he couldn’t walk in the snow and he didn’t want to wear his gloves. When we went out again in the afternoon, he had much more fun and really enjoyed it. The boys enjoyed being pulled on the sled down the hill in our backyard, playing in the sandbox, and playing with toys in the snow. Nolan enjoyed standing on the pile of snow by the mailbox. Although fun, it warmed up the next several days and most of the snow melted. Until next snow storm!

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January 27 – Update on Boys

I like to do periodic updates on what the boys like/what they are saying/what they are doing every once in a while so that I can look back on these memories.

Nolan is having a much better time at preschool drop off. He has also been asking how many more days until he goes to school and has told me he loves school. He is working on his dance moves. His favorite is him tapping his left foot to the side then bringing it back behind his right foot and repeating. He loves to cuddle and tells me, “I love you so much, Mama, I just can’t stop kissing you.”. He doesn’t eat that much, but will eat 2 containers of berries without a problem and loves veggies, especially cucumbers, corn, and orange, yellow, and red bell peppers. He still wears a diaper to bed at night and although we start our bedtime routine around 7:30, he doesn’t fall asleep until after 9:00. He pretends every toy is a gun and makes noises like it is shooting. He loves going in the bounce house, playing with Play-Doh, playing Legos, and playing with his Bruder trucks. He can recognize almost all of his letters, can spell his name, and can count to 14. When I (or anyone for that matter) makes Spencer upset and/or mad, Nolan defends him and tells me to apologize and make him happy. He makes me proud to be his Mama.

Spencer is often into trouble. One of his favorite things to do is rip toilet paper off the roll, throw it into the toilet, climb onto the toilet and flush it. He loves to splash in the toilet and in the dogs’ water bowl, too. He gives the dogs treats just about every day (after sampling them himself first, of course). He enjoys going into the kitchen cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. and taking everything out. He loves to watch me cook and uses his own utensils to cook, too. When he hears music, he stops whatever he is doing and dances. He loves “Ring Around the Rosie”, but rarely “falls down”. He loves falling down in the bounce house when Nolan jumps though! He says many words including mama, dada, a-dee (Lady), uck (truck for Little Blue Truck book), at (cat), mmmm (more), oh (go for Paw Patrol theme song in the car), and iiii (hi). He knows what sounds the cat, dog, frog, horse, cow, and duck make. He can point to his head and we are working on his mouth and nose. He understands so much even though he can’t talk yet. He loves to eat anything and everything, but still won’t drink cow’s milk. The two bottom incisors have finally broken through the gums so now we are just waiting for the top two incisors and 3 year molars. He takes a morning nap around 9:30 and an afternoon nap around 2:00. I wake him after about an hour and 15 minutes because if I don’t he will be up at 5:00 the next morning. We start his bedtime routine around 7:00 and he usually doesn’t have a problem falling asleep and sleeps though the night most nights. He is always so happy, smiling, and laughing. He definitely keeps us entertained and there is never a dull moment with him around!