April 2016

April 1 – Daddy’s Slippers

Spencer loves to put shoes/slippers on his feet that are too big for him. Any pair he finds, he puts on. He wears Nolan’s, too! Here he is with Nevin’s slippers on:


April 3- Easter with Sirkkie

April 9 – Snow in April?!?

April 10 – 12 – Fun at Home

April 15-17 – Blue/White Weekend

Mimi and Pop came at their regular time on Friday. Then Kate arrived after dinner and shortly after, Kelly arrived. After the boys went to bed, we drank lots of wine and caught up and reminisced while waiting for Chelsea to arrive. By the time she arrived, we were starving and wasted no time finding the food in her car. After drinking, laughing, catching up and reminiscing some more, we called it a night. I had so much fun Friday night catching up with my PSU girls!

We have been so lucky with beautiful weather the past couple of years and this year was no exception. While getting ready for the tailgate, Pop didn’t feel well (he was getting over a sickness and an antibiotic that didn’t sit well with his stomach) so Mimi and Pop decided to skip the tailgate and head downtown. At first, the parking attendants wanted to park us in a concrete parking lot by the Blue Band Building. We told them no and ended up parking behind the baseball stadium instead. It took us 50 minutes to get from our house to our tailgate spot. Spencer fell asleep in the car which I was thankful for because he was able to hang until 2:00 without melting down. We set up our tailgate and hung out drinking and eating. The boys did really well, but we decided to leave around 2:00 when the game started so the boys could take a nap. Chelsea, Kate, and Kelly stayed at the tailgate and eventually ended up downtown.


Spencer ate 4 cups of cheese curls for lunch:IMG_3923 IMG_3925

Kate loves her boys:IMG_3926 IMG_3928

Dance party time:IMG_3929 IMG_3931


April 20 – 27 – Outside Fun    

April 23 – Fencing Alumni Weekend/Duck Pond

We hung out at the fencing alumni meet Saturday morning. The boys had a great time running around the gym and White Building. We even got to watch Daddy fence.



Trying on some gear:


The alumni introduce themselves and then the team introduces themselves. I think this is the part that Nevin was looking forward to the most so he could show off his boys:



IMG_3939 IMG_3940 IMG_3941 IMG_3942 - Copy IMG_3943

Awesome action shot:IMG_3944

Chilling after nap:IMG_3945

After nap, we went to the duck pond on campus. Nolan stopped to smell the tulips then I made him pose for me. They are at the entrance to the mall right on College Ave.


This was the only set of ducklings so far this year. We’ll have to go back again in a few weeks to see if there are more:


A nice college student was feeding the fish rice and bread (which I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do…). She offered some to Nolan and Spencer so they could feed the fish too. She was so kind that she also gave them her snack (Cracker Jacks) to eat. There was a turtle in the middle of all the fish, but he only ate the bread, not the rice.


After, we had dinner at The Corner Room. Spencer squeezed his Styrofoam cup, which made a crack down the cup and the entire cup of water came flowing out onto him, the table, and the floor. A very nice college student at the table next to us grabbed extra napkins for us and the hostess took the leaking cup away and cleaned up the table and floor for us. Spencer was a bit fidgety while waiting for our  meals (it did take a longer time than it should have), but ate almost the entire child’s size spaghetti when it did arrive. Nolan was so well behaved and made a friend named Harper at the table behind us. After, we walked to Rita’s (amid the drunk college kids on bar tours). Nolan saw a picture of a Jolly Rancher Blendini and told the girl he wanted that so that’s what he got. We had a great little Saturday enjoying Penn State activities!