September 2016

September 10 – Patton Township Safety Fair

I mustered up enough strength to go to the Safety Fair in the Target parking lot. It was crowded and hot, but the boys had a blast.




Nolan got to spray the hose from a fire truck and hit a car that was damaged in an accident.

img_4565  img_4568

We got word that the MediVac was going to land in Kohl’s parking lot, so we waited for it to land and then the boys got to go inside. I was surprised how small it was inside! img_4571


img_4572  img_4575

We ran into Axel and his sister and she told us that the barn she used to ride for was offering pony rides. Both boys rode the ponies and had the time of their lives. Nolan acted all proud and grown-up while Spencer didn’t hold on and screamed happily.

img_4577 img_4578 img_4579 img_4580

img_4585img_4581 img_4582

img_4576img_4583 img_4584

They got to take the Spring Township police Power Wheels for a spin.

img_4587 img_4588 img_4589

The Elk mascot from the Elk’s Club was there taking pictures and Nolan ran right up to him and gave him a hug.


img_4591 img_4592

September 11 – Sunday Dinner at Babi’s and Grandpa’s

September 14 – Making Our Own Pizza for Dinner

img_4593 img_4594

September 20 – Spencer’s 2nd Birthday!

Spencer was not interested in opening his gifts, but Nolan was more than happy to help him open them. Because I wasn’t feeling well from morning sickness, I bought him an ice cream cake instead of making one. He insisted we use the red candle when we sang to him.

Last pictures as a 1 year old:img_4595

img_4596img_4597 img_4598

img_4602img_4599 img_4600 img_4601 img_4603 img_4604

img_4605img_4606 img_4607 img_4608 img_4609 img_4610


img_4612 img_4613

September 24 – Spencer’s 2nd Birthday Party

Mimi, Pop, Uncle Brad, Aunt Megan, Mia, Babi, and Grandpa came to celebrate with us. We had beautiful weather and were able to celebrate inside and outside.


img_4615 img_4616


img_4618 img_4619 img_4620 img_4621 img_4622 img_4623 img_4624 img_4625 img_4627 img_4628



img_4630 img_4631 img_4632 img_4633 img_4634


img_4635 img_4637 img_4638


img_4640 img_4641

September 29 – Popsicles on the Steps