May 2017

May 1 – Hanging at the Townhouse

Sitting up by himself:IMG_5563 IMG_5564

Daddy says he’s never in pictures, so here he is:IMG_5566 IMG_5567

May 2

Spencer in Daddy’s shoes:IMG_5569 IMG_5570 IMG_5572

May 3 – Uncle Mark, Andrea, & Sienna Visit

Uncle Mark had sent an e-mail introducing Sienna and stated that he was in Philadelphia meeting his granddaughter for a few days. I invited him to come see the big boys and meet Corbin and did not expect Andrea and Sienna to come, but was thrilled they were able to. At just 10 days old, Sienna made her first road trip to Delaware to meet us! Uncle Mark brought so much food for dinner and even brought dessert, we had leftovers for days. We had a great visit chatting, eating, and meeting the new addition to the King family.

IMG_5576 IMG_5577 IMG_5579 IMG_5580 IMG_5581 IMG_5582  IMG_5584 IMG_5586

May 5 – Bought our 3rd House

When we moved to the townhouse on April 23, we stopped at 2 open houses. The one house was very nice (Nevin loved it), but we had just gotten to the area and I wanted to see what was out there. After seeing 2 more houses and going to 1 more open house (and not even getting to see some houses because they were flying off the market), we decided to go see the open house house again. However, when Nevin looked up the address to tell Joe, our realtor, Zillow listed it as sale pending. Nevin was very sad which made me realize how much he liked that house. Six days later Joe called to say that offer fell through and that we could go see it again. We saw it on May 5, made an offer on May 5, they countered, and we accepted their counter all in the same day. I can’t wait until we move!!!

His shirt appropriately says “World’s Cutest Alarm Clock”:IMG_5587

May 7 – Delaware Children’s Museum

Since the weather was cool and rainy, I suggested the children’s museum. It was a quick 19 minute drive and we spent about 2 hours there, including eating our packed lunch. I had to feed Corbin and they had a small area reserved for nursing moms that had a rocking chair, a changing table, and toys for big kids to play with. The boys had a great time exploring all of the areas. Nolan’s favorite area was the water and Spencer’s was the car.

Children’s maze:IMG_5588

His favorite…cooking: IMG_5590  IMG_5592 IMG_5594

This ended up being Spencer’s favorite part of the museum. Children get to be a mechanic and take apart/fix/maintain a car. I think Pop and Uncle Brad may have another car obsessed guy in the family:IMG_5595  IMG_5597

This building area was geared towards older kids, but we still had fun checking it out:IMG_5598 IMG_5599

Nolan loved this activity (looking for rubber bugs in the “grass” (green tissue paper decoration) with tweezers) and wanted to do it a lot:IMG_5600

Spencer painted snakes:IMG_5602 IMG_5603

Spencer’s favorite section before we left (Nolan was at the water area with Daddy):IMG_5605 IMG_5606 IMG_5607

May 9 – Big Brother Shirts

I have been wanting to take pictures of all 3 boys in their big (and little) brother shirts for a while now. Especially before Corbin grew out of his newborn sized shirt. I was dreading this “photo shoot” because they usually don’t go well. All of their shirts were clean at the same time so I gave it a whirl and it went so well. All 3 boys cooperated and it was a pleasant experience. Here are the results:

IMG_5610 IMG_5614 IMG_5617 IMG_5620 IMG_5626    IMG_5612 IMG_5613 IMG_5615 IMG_5616  IMG_5619     IMG_5627 IMG_5628 IMG_5629


May 10 – Folding Laundry, Brothers, Moby

Spencer put his und-wees (as he calls them) on his head and his daddy’s on the rest of his body:IMG_5637

Spencer wanted me to take a picture of Corbin and him




IMG_5647 IMG_5648



When you do a perfect wrap with your Moby, you have to take pictures of it: IMG_5656 IMG_5657

May 14 – Pop’s Birthday and Mother’s Day in Easton

We decided to go to Easton to celebrate. When we arrived, we got Arby’s for lunch. Then Aunt Nancy, Uncle Gary, and Auntie Cait came to meet Corbin. After that, Spencer and Daddy took a nap. Nolan had been acting very shy and quiet and not like himself all day. During nap, Nolan was on the couch and I could tell he wasn’t feeling well. I took his temperature and it was 103.4, just like Spencer’s was 2 days ago. I gave him some Ibuprofen that Mimi and Pop had on hand and after that kicked in, he was able to enjoy himself outside for a bit. The boys had a great time playing outside and Spencer especially enjoyed the lawn mowers and all of Pop’s toys in the shed. We ate a delicious dinner and then headed back to the townhouse. I’m so thankful we live close enough that we can com for the day for celebrations like these.

Corbin meeting Auntie Cait for the first time:


Spencer getting a ride on Pop’s new mower (this was before he jumped off & got run over by the standing platforn:


Corbin meeting Aunt Nancy for the first time:



May 16

May 18-19

May 21 – Fenwick Island, DE *Corbin’s First Time on the Beach*

Mimi, Pop, Uncle Brad, Aunt Megan, and Mia were at the beach for the car show. We decided to come down for the day to celebrate my birthday. Although it had been very hot on my birthday and the days after, it was only in the 60s while we were at the beach. When we arrived to the new condo, we ate lunch and got ready for the beach. We had a great time when we got there because the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold. Nolan went in the water with Daddy while Spencer hung near the edge and Corbin and I set up in the sand. Our fun was short-lived because the sun went in and the wind picked up and it was COLD. Nolan was crying because he wanted to go in the ocean, Spencer was crying because he was cold and hungry, and Corbin was crying because he was cold. We packed up after an hour and headed back to the condo.

We planned on going to the Bethany boardwalk as soon as Corbin woke up from his nap. He took an unexpected 3 hour nap, but Nolan and Spencer had a blast with Pop riding the Power Wheels around the neighborhood. When Corbin woke up, we headed to the boardwalk, but Spencer fell asleep in the car. It was pretty late to begin with so instead of waking Spencer for a quick walk down the boardwalk, Nolan and Daddy went to Candy Kitchen and we went back to the condo for dinner. We got take out from

IMG_5663 IMG_5664

IMG_5665 IMG_5668

IMG_5666 IMG_5667

The fun has ended:

IMG_5669 IMG_5670  IMG_5673 IMG_5674


She wanted to hold “baby Corby” all the time!


May 24 – May 29 – Memorial Day in State College

The boys and I arrived on Wednesday because Corbin and I had doctor appointments on Thursday. We had to stop twice for me to feed Corbin and the drive took about 4 hours. Google took me through Kitchen Kettle Village and Bird in Hand and although the speed limit on that road was 40, we never did above 25 for miles and miles. It was a long drive, but Nolan and Spencer were AWESOME. When we arrived, we had pizza with Babi, Grandpa, and Sirkkie.

Thursday morning, Babi babysat while Corbin and I went to his 2 month check up and my 6 week postpartum exam. All went well with both appointments. We hung out Thursday afternoon and Babi came home from work early to cook dinner for us.

On Friday morning, we met Nada, Cole, and Sabrina for a play date at Holmes Foster park. It was great to see my SAHM BFF and catch up with her!

Nevin surprised us by coming early on Friday. I had plans to meet up with Jamie, Cam, and Cadence, but since Nevin came early, we decided to turn it into a dinner and drinks night. The boys had a great time playing and the adults had a great time catching up. Even though we live far away, I think we will see each other more often now than when we lived in State College.


IMG_5677   IMG_5681

May 25 – Corbin’s 2 Month Well Visit

We returned to State College for Corbin’s 2 month well visit and my 6 week postpartum visit. Corbin weighs 11 pounds, 5 ounces (43rd percentile) and is 22.4 inches (33rd percentile) long. He is the smallest of my boys so far. Sorry Corbin, it looks like you got my short genes)! At this age, Nolan was 13 pounds and 24.5 inches and Spencer was 12 pounds, 14 ounces and 24 inches.

I brought up the fact that he has lots of green snot and you can hear the congestion in his chest when he breathes. Dr. Brink explained that because babies are mouth breathers, the mucous dries up quickly and she even told me to try breathing only through my nose for 20 minutes and then I’ll sound like Miss Piggy. She suggested a humidifier in his room and saline nasal spray as well. I asked how much Tylenol I should give him since 11 pounds, 5 ounces is in the middle of 2 doses (the answer is the higher dose) and she explained the differences between children’s and infant’s Tylenol (none) and Ibuprofen (one has a higher ratio than the other & I was told to always use children’s ibuprofen, even when the child is only 6 months). He got 4 vaccines; 1 oral and 3 in the thighs. He cried and screamed so much while getting the shots and held his breath (just like Spencer, but for not as long as Spencer does). After the shots, he kept screaming and wouldn’t even nurse. I gave him a dose of Tylenol (I learned my lesson with Nolan and brought it with me) because we were headed directly to the OB’s office and I didn’t want to scare all of those new moms with my screaming child! He settled into the car seat nicely and slept the whole time for my appointment and even while at Giant getting my prescription. He woke up from a long nap around 4:00pm and started to scream again (a very high pitched scream) and I couldn’t get him to stop and he wouldn’t nurse again, so I gave him another dose of Tylenol. He was asleep 10 minutes later and had a great night. He looks great so far and the receptionist gave me paperwork to bring to our new pediatrician.

May 26 – Corbin is 2 Months!

Corbin is a happy baby! He goes to bed between 8:00pm and 9:00pm and wakes up to eat around 12:30am, 3:30am, and 6:30am for the day. He loves to look at lights and will turn his head your way if you say his name. He coos and talks back to you when you talk to him. He can hold his head up on his own and he can bear weight on his legs.

IMG_5683 IMG_5687

IMG_5682 IMG_5684 IMG_5685 IMG_5686 IMG_5688 IMG_5689 IMG_5690 IMG_5691  IMG_5693


May 31 – New Playmat

Our old playmat got mildew on it in Babi’s and Grandpa’s basement. We had noticed that Corbin was getting bored, so we ordered him a new one and I’m glad we did. He loves his playmat! He will lay under it for a long time, grabbing and hitting the animals that are dangling. Sometimes he even uses his feet to kick them.