September 2017

September 1 – Chatham Labor Day Picnic

We were finally able to get to Daddy’s work for an event! There was a bounce house and chalk for the kids and tons of picnic food and fidget spinners to bring home. It was a bit chilly, but I’m glad I was able to see his office and meet some co-workers.

September 2-3 – Beard Family Visit

The Beard family arrived around 10:30AM. We turned on the Penn State game while the boys played and we caught up. Unfortunately, it rained all day, so we were unable to enjoy the outdoors, but we had a fun time inside. Brett and Nevin decided to fill up the hot tub, but when they went to turn it on, the breaker tripped so we were not able to enjoy it. I guess this means they’ll have to come back again when it’s up and running!

On Sunday, we went to Longwood Gardens. We explored all of our favorite areas and ended with Victory beers that are only available at Longwood Gardens.

It was a great visit and I’m so sad we moved away from them, but I’m happy that they came to visit us and I hope they come back soon!

September 5 – Nolan’s First Day of Pre-K at OCP

I had to decorate Nolan’s school bag, but I washed it first (following the iron on transfer directions) and the bag came out of the dryer 1/4 of the size! Here is Nevin ironing it (he has much more patience than I do!) and he got it pretty close to the original size. Note to self: Don’t wash Spencer’s school bag next year!

After a long and stressful search for a preschool for Nolan this year, I decided on OCP for several reasons: I love the director, I love that it’s 8 minutes away from our house, I love that they get to tour the OASD kindergarten building at the end of the year, I love that he is meeting friends with whom he will go to school with next year, and I love that Spencer gets to go with him on Fridays (more info. on that to come). Nolan was not nervous at all. We had an open house 5 days before so Nolan got to meet his teachers, some of the other students, and check out his classroom. In fact, I realized how ready Spencer is for school while we were at open house (he was totally into it and was so excited) that I asked if there was an open spot for him in the Tots Class (2 year olds), but both classes were full. He will just have to wait until next year! I hope this is the first day to a great last year of preschool for Nolan!


September 9 – Early Birthday Gift for Spencer

Spencer’s big gift arrived early and since the warm weather won’t last forever, we decided to give Spencer his lawn mower early. At least that’s the story we tell everyone, but the real reason was because Nevin was sick of Nolan and Spencer fighting over the 1 Powerwheels we do have, but don’t tell. Anyways, Spencer could barely contain his excitement while Nevin was assembling it. It’s safe to say that he was elated and absolutely loves his lawn mower.

September 10 – Plumpton Park Zoo with Mimi and Pop

Mimi and Pop came for the day and since Nolan has been begging to go to the zoo, we finally did. The zoo had a lot of animals and there were even animals that they boys could feed which was cool. It reminded me of a not-as-nice and smaller version of the Lehigh Valley Zoo. The boys enjoyed the animals so we will come back when we need something to do.

September 11 – Food for Corbin (BLW)

I’ve been eating with Corbin on my lap for a couple of weeks now and he follows my spoon or fork with his mouth each bite! He is so ready to eat, but I am so not ready to go down that road yet because once you start, you can’t stop. I decided to see what he does with BLW because Spencer loved it and it’s easy. Corbin sucked on the broccoli a bit, but was not a fan. He enjoyed the watermelon, but wasn’t satisfied because he couldn’t get a lot. Looks like I’m going to have to try purees!

September 14 – Food for Corbin (puree)

Since Corbin is so ready for food, I boiled some apples to give him BLW style. He was not happy because he couldn’t really eat it. So, I found my Baby Bullet and pureed them and needless to say, he loved it.

September 15 – Spencer’s First Day of Faith Based Fridays

The church where Nolan’s school is located does not require the teachers to do anything faith-based throughout their curriculum. Because of that, they have Faith Based Fridays 3 Fridays per month where the teachers run the classroom the exact same way they do during the week, but the lessons, activities, songs, etc. are all faith based. I figured this would be a great way for Spencer to transition to going to school by himself. He gets to go with Nolan and be in the class with him and he gets a feel for how a classroom works. Plus, it won’t hurt either boy to get a little Jesus in their lives. Spencer was so excited. I walked them both in and when it was time to go in, I had to call Spencer back to give me a hug. I could tell he was both nervous and excited. When I picked them up, Nolan’s teacher commented on how well Spencer did (and how cute he was!) and asked if I had thought about sending him to school because he’s ready. I told her I tried, but the classes were full and she suggested the afternoon class & said I could switch Nolan to the afternoon Pre-K class as well. That is not an option for us right now because Spencer still takes a (much needed) nap. So, for this year, we will continue with Faith Based Fridays and wait for a spot to open up and if none opens up, he is ready for next year.


September 16 – Early Birthday Gift & Nottingham Creamery

Corbin had banana pancakes for breakfast and he ate a decent amount of them. Then a package arrived for Spencer from his California cousins. They gave him a stroller, bottle, binky, and rattle for Rosie. He was so excited. He put Rosie in the stroller and told him they are going for a run and he ran around the house with him in the stroller! Nolan had a family tree project to do for school so he worked on that while the little boys napped.

We ate dinner early, which never happens, so we decided to check out Nottingham Creamery as a treat. It was really delicious. I had mint (it was so creamy which is what I like), Nolan had black raspberry, Spencer had chocolate, and Nevin had a Take 5 sundae. Everything was very good and we will be sure to go back the next time we finish dinner early!

Spencer loves to feed Corbin and he’s decent at it, too:

Last pictures as a 2 year old:

September 20 – Spencer is 3!!!

I unfortunately woke up with my first migraine ever at 6:15. I had horrible pain across my forehead and also had sinus pressure. I was nauseous, dizzy, and every smell, noise, and light bothered me. After Spencer opened his gifts, I took meds and went back to bed. I felt a little bit better (enough to function) when I woke up and took Nolan to school.

Spencer and I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a special birthday breakfast and coffee for my headache. We came back home and Spencer played outside with his new toys.

After we picked Nolan up, we got McDonald’s for lunch. The boys played outside and then Spencer took a nap. After nap, Nevin came home while we were playing outside and we went to Giant to get snow crab legs for dinner. After dinner, we sang happy birthday and ate ice cream cake.

When the day started, I thought I was going to be in bed all day, so even though I had to take it easy and was still a bit nauseous and dizzy throughout the day, it turned out to be a great day celebrating Spencer turning 3!

September 21 & 22 – Fun at Home

Spencer loves his lawnmower shirt he got for his birthday.

Nolan made a sheriff hate for Wild, Wild West Week at School:

Spencer got his own bag for school and he insisted it had to look exactly like Nolan’s:

September 22 – Ice Cream Social at OCP

We got to go to Nolan’s school for ice cream and the book fair. The boys each picked out a book for us to buy and we got to see some of Nolan’s artwork hanging around the cafeteria. The boys had a good time and I’m glad his school has events like this.

September 23 – Fall Festival at Sacred Heart

I came in to get Corbin up in the morning and this is what I found:

Although it was very hot, I’m glad we decided to go to the fall fest. There were not that many people there at all and everything was free! The boys rode ponies, painted pumpkins, got their faces painted (this is the first time Nolan has ever been willing to get his face painted), made scarecrows (well, mom actually made them), and jumped in the bounce house. We ended up getting hotdogs and pizza there for lunch.

The boys drug their scarecrows and pumpkins all over until the found the right place to put them (under that tree right in front of them).

Corbin’s first time with a sippy cup:

September 27 – Laying in the front yard

September 26 – Corbin is 6 Months!

Corbin has been eating solids for about a month now. He loves food. He has eaten apples, pears, bananas, zucchini, carrots, and sweet potatoes pureed. If there is something on my plate that is soft enough for him to have, I will give him that as well. He ate a large amount of salmon the other night and was crying if I didn’t get it in his mouth fast enough! He also got a sippy cup with water for the first time and likes to chew/suck on it.

He loves to bounce up and down in his jump-a-roo. He also makes lots of happy noises while jumping. When you put him on the floor, he rolls onto his belly and then onto his back and that’s how he moves around the room. He likes to get his butt up in the air too so he’s getting ready to get up on all fours.

He goes with the flow and is such a calm, happy, laid back, relaxed, amazing baby boy!

He gets the award for the best sleeper. He takes 2, sometimes 3, naps. He takes one in the morning (1-3 hours) and one in the afternoon (1-2 hours). His 3rd nap, if he takes it, happens around dinner and is around 30 minutes long. He goes to bed easily and usually gets up twice; once around 11:00 and the other around 4:00.

Corbin’s 6 month well visit was on October 13 (17 days after he turned 6 months, just like Spencer’s was). He saw Dr. Drop and I really liked her this time. We have very similar philosophies.

Corbin weighs 15 pounds, 0.6 ounces which puts him in the 5th percentile and is 25.25 inches long which puts him in the 2nd percentile. He’s small, but he’s growing! To compare, both Nolan and Spencer were 15 pounds at their 4 month well visits.

I reported that he wakes around 11pm and 3am to nurse. She said his 11pm feeding is probably behavior, so I can have him cry it out, but it’s up to me. She said if I’m okay with it, she’s okay with it. I liked that. She said he probably needs that 3am feeding in order to make it through the night, so to continue with that one.

She said that I should start solids and when I start, don’t stop. She said that when he gets a good pinscher grasp, I should give him everything we eat, which I totally agree with. She said to give nuts now and suggested mixing peanut butter with banana to make it easier to eat. She said everything is okay except cow’s milk to drink.

He got 2 vaccines plus a flu booster, which he’ll have to go back in a month for the 2nd dose, and one oral vaccine. He cried while she was giving the shots, but stopped crying very quickly after they were in.


September 30 – Spencer’s 3rd Birthday Party

Mimi, Pop, Uncle Brad, Aunt Mega, Mia, Babi, and Grandpa were able to come celebrate Spencer’s birthday with us. Although the weather was chilly and windy, we had fun playing inside with our toys. Since it was difficult to find a date that would work for everyone to have Spencer’s party this year, we ended up not being able to make it to Mia’s birthday party, so we gave her gift to her today, too. It was a great day and I’m so glad everyone was able to make the trip to celebrate our Spencer.