October 2017

October 2 – Corbin’s First Time in Jump-a-Roo

October 3 – Fun at Home

October 7-8 – Fun at Home 

Nolan was Star of the Week so he got to fill this out and it was hung on his classroom door for the week:

October 13 – Nolan’s Field Trip to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

What an amazing place this is! 

October 14 – Lytle Farms Pumpkin Patch

When we arrived, we took the hayride. Normally the hayride takes you to the pumpkin patch, but this year, the pumpkins were right there by the parking lot (crop rotation), so the hayride just made a big loop around the pumpkins. They had 3 different types of pumpkins to choose from, but the boys didn’t care. We then went into the patch and

October 15 – Philadelphia Zoo

We met Andrea and Sienna at the Zoo. The weather was supposed to be 80 and sunny, but that morning it changed and was rainy, overcast, and chilly. The weather didn’t stop us from having a blast! It was the best time to see the animals. They were all out and active and very close to us. The Silverback Gorillas stole the show though. There were 2 moms and 2 babies which were just adorable, plus they went outside to find carrots.

October 17 – MOMS Club Trunk or Treat

While getting into the car for school, Nolan gagged and then vomited so he did not go to school. He chugged an entire cup of milk and ate candy, so I think that made him feel sick. We were running late and I had to make a quick decision so I called him off in fear of him vomiting in school. Of course, 10 minutes after being home, he was 100% fine. I debated all day whether or not to attend this event, but decided that since he wasn’t sick we could go. I’m so glad we did because the kids had a blast. We set up the trunk as Gothem City. After trunk or treat, the kids got to hit a pinata and then we went home.

October 18 – Longwood Gardens with MOMS Club

We got to check out the train and the pumpkin playground. We also stopped inside the children’s area of the conservatory.

October 19 – Spencer’s First Music Class

I found out about free classes at the library from one of the other moms in MOMS Club. As soon as I got home, I signed Spencer up for the music class. My expectations were not very high considering it was a free class, but the first class exceeded my expectations! Nolan did not have school this day because there was a crane in the parking lot installing a new heating and air conditioning unit at the church so he got to come with us and participate. The kids sang so many songs, rang bells, swung scarves, got to use the parachute, and got to pop bubbles from the bubble maker. It was a great class and I’m excited for the next classes.

October 20 – Nolan’s First Dental Cleaning

Nolan was overdue for a cleaning and so was I. Spencer came with us too so that he could see what to expect at his first cleaning next year. Nolan went first while I got x-rays and he was phenomenal. He kept his mouth open the whole time, didn’t move, and listened. I was so proud of him. The hygenist commented on how well he brushes and Dr. Joe confirmed that his teeth look great. The boys did a great job waiting for me to get done with my cleaning as well. However, I have 2 cavities that I need to get filled.

Also, every time I put Corbin in the bouncer, he sits up. I had to snap some pictures because it was hilarious (neither Nolan nor Spencer did this), but I was afraid he would tip the whole thing over, so I got him out quickly. The bouncer is now put away for the next baby or the consignment sale.

October 21 – Longwood Gardens

It was such a beautiful fall day so we decided to go to Longwood Gardens to check out the train and the pumpkin playground. Many, many other people had the same idea as us. It was packed! But, I’m thankful for our membership because we were able to do a few things and leave without feeling like we didn’t get our money’s worth.

October 22 – Penn Township Fall Fest

We arrived just in time for the egg hunt and both boys had a blast putting eggs into their bags. After that, we went to trunk or treat (which was one really big line) and then got free Kona Ice. We then went to the car train ride thing and finished with the moonbounce. It was a beautiful fall day and I’m glad we went because the boys had a blast…all for free!

October 24 – Backyard

This view never gets old!

October 25 – Chatham Fall Fest

Hanging out at home and opening a Halloween card from Mimi and Pop.

I found a rose behind the garbage cans so I cut it off and put it in a vase.

We met Daddy at work for hotdogs and s’mores for Chatham’s fall fest. We had hotdogs, hot chocolate, hot cider, and beer. The kids played on the playset, colored Halloween pages, made masks, and got lots of glow sticks. We then roasted marshmallows over the fire to make s’mores.

October 26 – Corbin is 7 Months

Corbin can sit on his own, but we don’t completely trust him on his own yet because he falls over when he gets distracted. If you put a toy in front of him, he will inchworm toward it and if that doesn’t work, he will roll over and over until he gets to the toy. These days he prefers to be on the floor playing with toys instead of being held which is more work than it sounds because the big boys leave little toys everywhere and Corbin puts everything in his mouth. I’ve pulled out a Lego, the rubber end of a nerf dart, and a candy wrapper out of his mouth already and he’s not even crawling!

He is still such a happy baby. He caught a terrible cough from his sick brothers, but he smiles after he coughs and really has not been that fussy considering he must feel awful. He also waves at us now (puts his arm up in the air and moves it up and down). He smiles and is happy almost all the time.

Corbin is the same age Nolan was when I went back to teaching. I am so, so thankful for the opportunity to say home with my boys.

Corbin eats purees and what we are eating. He is not a big fan of pureed carrots or pureed peas, but he will eat them if they are mixed with something else he likes (apples, pears, sweet potatoes). He wakes up 2 times per night; once around 11 and another around 3. He takes a nap on the way to drop Nolan off at school and on the way to pick him up from school. He then takes a 1.5/2 hour nap in the afternoon and then a short nap (30 minutes-ish) around 5:00. He goes down easily for nap and bed.

The boys had a blast smashing their pumpkins:

October 27 – My Boys

My favorite time with Spencer is when he first wakes up from nap. He is so calm and cuddly and it makes me so happy to hold him while he fully wakes up.

Nolan built this Lego lawn mower and trailer all by himself:

October 28 – Praying Mantis

Nolan found a Praying Mantis in the backyard. He fed it a grub and it ate the whole thing. Then he gave it a cricket, which I thought the cricket would get away before the Praying Mantis could grab it, but the Praying Mantis got that and ate that too! It was really cool to see a Praying Mantis that close and to watch it eat. It was an awesome experience that I’m glad the boys got to see.

October 29 – Pumpkin Carving

Nolan chose a haunted house and Spencer chose a lawn mower this year. Nolan designed his haunted house by himself. Daddy helped Nolan clean out his pumpkin and I helped Spencer, but Daddy carved them both.

October 30 – Nolan’s Ho Down/Trick-or-Treat at Herr’s Factory

We went to Nolan’s school for his fall party which was a Ho Down. The teachers read and acted out a book (with help from some parents), then the kids ate snacks, did their ho down dance, and went through different fall themed stations. It was a fun morning and I’m glad we got to go.

We debated if we should go to this or not, but I’m glad we did so we could get a glimpse of the factory. We did not have a very long line trick-or-treating through the factory, but we did have to follow a line around. The boys got lots of treats including chips, pretzels, cheese curls, and chocolate covered pretzel sticks. After the factory, we went to go on the hayride around the factory, but the line was way too long and it was getting late so we left. The boys were happy with what we did so it all worked out.

October 31 – Corbin’s First Halloween & Trick-or-Treat

Nevin was coming down with a cold, so he stayed at the house to hand out candy with Corbin while I took the big boys around the neighborhood. It was great because we got to meet lots of neighbors we haven’t had a chance to meet yet. We went down Crimson, Amber, and Elk Ridge before coming back home around 7:30. We then let the boys hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, but we didn’t have that many. Many people rode around on hayrides where a tractor or truck was pulling a flatbed trailer with hay bales. We need to get on one of those because although we went for an hour and a half, we only got to about 30 houses because they are so far apart!