October 2018

October 17 – Corbin’s 18 Month Well Visit

Corbin weighs 20 pounds, 15 ounces and is in the 8th percentile. He’s moving on up because he used to be in the 7th percentile. He is 2 feet, 6.7 inches tall which puts him in the 4th percentile, which is also moving on up because he used to be in the 1st percentile! He cried as soon as we got into the exam room and didn’t stop. I put him on the scale, but he was screaming and not breathing crying and trying to climb off, so she had to weigh me holding him and then weigh just me in order to get his weight. I thought we were in for a long appointment, but when she left, he calmed down and was perfect when the doctor was examining him.

His only 2 words are “mama” and “uh-oh”, so the doctor referred him for Early Intervention speech services. She said it will take 1-2 months for them to contact me to get started, so she hopes that by the time his 2 year well visit rolls around, he is either speaking on his own or we already have services in place. I was hoping that she would refer him because I’d rather get him help now because the earlier the better. She told me that when we read to him, we should face him so he can see our mouths and that when he asks for his cup by pointing to it and saying “uh”, we should delay giving it to him until he gets a bit frustrated and keep repeating the word “cup” and hopefully he will catch on. I also mentioned that we are taking away the binky except for nap and bed in hopes that will encourage him to talk more, but she did point out the importance of giving it to him when he needs it because it is his only way of coping with difficult/stressful/overwhelming situations which I have never thought of before. He got 2 vaccines (flu shot being one of them) and he didn’t cry at all for either shot! Let’s hope his big brothers do the same when they get their flu shots next week.

Other than the speech, he is doing very well. Let’s hope he begins to talk on his own before EI contacts me. If you need me, I’ll be researching how to help him develop his speech.