August 2018

August 1-3 – Fun at Home

We found another frog in the pool:


They love to play in the puddle that collects at the bottom of our driveway:

Another frog in the pool:


Spencer wanted to tickle his belly:

And then he wanted to push him on his swing: 

MOMS Club set up a table at Oxford’s First Friday. We had a great time walking around handing out flyers (and eating Avocados from Mexico and drinking frozen vodka lemonades), but it started to downpour. Here we are taking shelter under the tent:

Once the rain stopped, we went to Flickerwood to have more frozen vodka lemonades and wine slushies:

August 4 – Brett’s and Natalie’s Wedding

Since Mimi and Pop were on their way to the beach, Babi and Grandpa made the trip from State College to watch the boys for us while we went to the wedding. The ceremony was at 2 in Wilmington and we had some time before the reception, so we went to Murph’s Irish Pub. We had a great time there and then headed to the reception. We had a great time at the reception playing cornhole, eating, drinking, and dancing. Congrats to the newlyweds!

August 5-10 – FIDE

August 5 – Arrival Day

We left around 10:00 which was pretty good timing considering we were at a wedding the night before, I still had packing to do that morning, and Babi and Grandpa were still visiting. When we arrived, the rest of the family was at the beach. After unpacking a bit, I ran to Food Lion to grab sandwiches for lunch. Corbin took a nap and Nevin stayed with him at the condo while I took the boys to the pool. Shortly after, Daddy and Corbin met us at the pool and so did Pop and Uncle Brad. We had pizza & bruschetta from Mancini’s for dinner. After the boys went to bed, Nevin and I stopped at Papa Grande’s for a (very expensive) margarita and then went to Food Lion to get groceries for the week.


August 6 – Beach Day

We went to Fenwick Island State Park and arrived on the beach around 8:30 am. When Nevin was opening the tent to set it up, he realized that he forgot to put the tarp piece back in the bag after he had used it when he was in the Poconos last month (it was wet, so he laid it out in the garage to dry, but forgot to put it back in the bag). He left the beach and went looking for a new one. He ended up going to Walmart (30 minutes away) and buying a new, bigger one. I was thankful for that shelter throughout the week. Mimi and Pop and Aunt Megan, Uncle Brad, and Mia met us at the beach. We had a great day playing in the water and sand. After nap, we had The Crabcake Factory Bayside for dinner. Nevin and I had crabcakes and they were delicious! The boys shared fried shrimp and they enjoyed that as well.

 I wish my finger wasn’t in front of the lense for these pictures:     

As soon as Nevin got back with the tent, he held Corbin and he fell asleep. I’m glad we decided to bring the pop up tent because that’s where Corbin took his naps on the beach. 

While Corbin was napping, I got time to sit and relax while Nevin was in the ocean with the big boys. I never thought this would happen!


August 7 – Beach/Crabbing

We went to Fenwick Island State Park again and Aunt Megan, Uncle Brad, and Mia met us there. We left the beach around 12:30 so that the boys could nap and have enough time to go crabbing with Pop before dinner. We went to Northside Park in OCMD to crab. The boys had such a great time! The crabs were biting so often that we missed some of them because we weren’t fast enough with the net! We all had a great time and this is something the boys will talk about for a long time.

August 8 – Beach/Dumser’s

Since no other family members were meeting us at the beach, we decided to try our luck at OCMD 146th Street & we got a spot right away. After nap, we had leftovers and went to Dumser’s for ice cream. Aunt Megan, Uncle Brad, and Mia met us there. After ice cream, we stopped at a large Sunsations, but the boys still got their toys from the bins in the front of the story anyway!



August 9 – Crabbing/Pool/Beach

Since we were up bright and early again, we went crabbing right by where Pop and Uncle Brad went jet skiing, next to Catch 54 and Papa Grande’s. The crabs were not biting as much as they were a few days ago, but the boys still had fun. When we got back, we went to the pool. I was trying to keep Corbin awake so he’d take 1 nap at the same time as Spencer, but it didn’t work. After the boys were up from nap, we went to Fenwick Island State Park (thanks Uncle Brad and Aunt Megan for the pass) and enjoyed an afternoon on the beach. Nevin and I went to Catch 54 to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary. The inside was decorated so cutely and the entire staff was so friendly and personable. We had to wait about 30 minutes for a table so we went to the bar for a drink. We then go our table outside on the bay which was fun. We saw a group of people leaving in their boat and a blue heron. We had a delicious meal and enjoyed the time together.

August 10 – Beach/Big Eye Jack’s

We went back to OCMD for one last time on the beach. The other family members stayed home to get ready to leave so it was just us again. The last time we were in OCMD, the ice cream truck came, but it never came to our beach entrance and Spencer was (over tired) and upset. We waited for the ice cream truck, but it never came so we got Sno-Balls from a trailer parked on the beach instead. The boys were happy with that! It rained so we were thankful for our tent. We played in the sand while it rained and the boys all had a great time because the sand wasn’t hot. I always hate leaving the beach, but it is also always “see you later” instead of “goodbye”. After nap, we finally made it out to dinner. We chose Big Eye Jacks because it is close, it has a playground for the kids, and it has outdoor seating. The boys got Wikki Sticks to play with and their meals came on frisbees that we got to bring home. We all had delicious meals and the boys enjoyed playing on the playground while we waited for our food and after we ate. Nolan said he wants to come back to Big Eye Jacks every time we come back to the beach!

Once again, we had a great week at the beach! We are already looking forward to next summer’s vacation!



August 12-14 – Fun at Home

Nolan made a salad for me by himself:

Every time I have this hamper out, he tries to climb up it and ends up falling in:

Playing with my makeup while I put my makeup on:

“Take a picture of me and send it to Daddy. Ready.”…..

Large, medium, small:


August 15 – Shelly & Axel Visit

Shelly and Axel came back to visit on their way home from the beach. When they arrived on Tuesday, we hung out at home while the boys played in the pool. It rained on and off so that worked out that we didn’t get caught anywhere. We had Matteo’s delivery for dinner and then the kids were up late, but had a great time. The next morning, we went to Plumpton Park Zoo. The kids had a great time feeding

August 16-20 – Fun at Home

Corbin insisted on helping me make homemade tomato sauce with tomatoes from the garden. This kept him busy for a long time:


When Corbin gets up from sleeping, he insists that we wrap his blanket around him before we bring him downstairs: 

August 21-22 – Fun at Home

Spencer took my camera:


Spencer got a letter from his teacher, Mrs. Workman, reminding us of the day and time of Meet the Teacher and she sent a homework assignment for him to do before school starts:

August 23 – DE Museum of Natural History

Jenny and I met at the museum for $3 Thursdays. The kids had a great time checking out all the rooms. We took a break to eat lunch outside. Then, we went on the hiking trails and a 15 minute hike turned into over an hour because we kept taking the wrong turns. We had flip flops on and I was pushing Corbin in the umbrella stroller so it wasn’t the easiest hike, but the kids had a blast.

When we got back from vacation, our pool pump was not working. I called the company and I did the tests she suggested and it was determined that someone was wrong with the electric. So, after I sent them a picture of the cut cord and my receipt, they sent us a new pump. Before we got the pump, our pool turned green and we had to drain it. This made me so sad because we had a great time in this pool this summer. We later realized that the pump was not broken, but the electrical socket was tripped. So, our pool turned green and we waited for a new pump for no reason. We have now learned our lesson and will always check the GFI when that outlet doesn’t work.


August 24 – Meet and Greet at Jordan Bank

We met Nolan’s teacher, Mr. Baughman and his aide, Mrs. Hunter. We arrived early because I was worried about parking, but we had no issues. Mrs. Hunter told Nolan that when he gets off the bus, he needs to look for her holding a blue bee hive and then go line up with her. That made me feel much better about the bus. He then found his name on a piece of paper and put that on any table spot he wanted. We had a small scavenger hunt to do and checked out the bathroom, his cubby, where they will hang their backpacks, the Magic Treehouse books, caterpillars, class jobs, and the lunch count amongst other things. We saw Scott from his pre-k class and then said bye to Mr. Baughman and Mr. Hunter and met the Dowlings to ride the bus. We first went to the cafeteria and then went out to wait for the bus. We waited over 20 minutes outside in the hot sun with tired kids. There was no one out there monitoring the bus so people were cutting in line and the bus ride was way too long. I hope they change it for when Spencer goes to kindergarten and if not, we’ll ride the bus before meeting his teacher so we don’t have to deal with that again. We stopped for Rita’s after since we were hot and we all deserved to celebrate!

Back to school haircut:

Nolan was peeing on a tree and Spencer pushed him into the tree and Nolan got this cut on his wrist when he caught himself on the tree. He also had a cut in the shape of tree bark on his forehead from when his head hit the tree.

Found his name on the door:



Found his name outside:    

Nolan got cherry and rootbeer, Spencer got chocolate custard, and I got watermelon with vanilla gelatti:

Treat from Mr. Baughman (“Ahoy there Matey! Welcome to OURRR Room”):

August 25 – Sal’s Baby Shower in Easton

I drove to Vintage House of Hair first for Caitlin to cut my hair since I had not had a haircut since October 2017. Caitlin and I had a great time chatting and catching up. Love my new locks:

I picked up Elise and then drove to the restaurant in Bangor. We played some games, had delicious food, drinks, and dessert, and watched Sal open her gifts. It was great to see all of the Besties and catch up.

Back at Mimi’s and Pop’s, Uncle Brad, Aunt Megan, and Mia stopped by to say hello. It was great to spend time with them and then I headed home. The moon was crazy on the drive home so I took a picture.

The next day, Corbin started to play tee ball. He puts the ball on the tee, picks up the bat, and swings it. He learned from watching his brothers.

August 27 – Nolan’s First Day of Kindergarten

Nolan was awake until well after 9pm on Sunday night and was up at 6:30am. I guess he was excited about starting school! I cried a lot throughout the morning not because I was scared or worried, but because of the change of not having him around and how this is the beginning of our new normal that involves him around much less. I knew I’d miss him and I don’t want to miss him. He got all ready and then I took a bunch of pictures. We were running early so we were taking our time getting in the van, but Jill texted me to tell me the bus had come early to pick up Gavin and it was on its way to us. We arrived at the bus stop with just enough time to get the kids out and say bye. Nolan hugged both of us and walked to the bus like a champ. He sat in the second seat with Gavin and they both waved. Because everything happened so quickly, I didn’t have time to cry. I shed a few tears as the bus pulled away and I cried a few more times throughout the day, but I knew he’d love it and he was so ready.

We had heard that the bus runs late the first few weeks of school, but we went at regular time anyways because if there is no one at the stop to get a kindergarten student off the bus, he will be brought back to the school and we didn’t want that to happen on the first day. We walked, but it was so hot so Nevin went to get the van. We waited about 15 minutes for the bus. Nolan was happy when he got off, but was super serious and down to business. He would not get in the van with us so we creepily followed him home as he walked. He also told me that I don’t have to come to the bus stop anymore because he can walk home by himself. He wasn’t thrilled when I told him that’s not allowed.

When we got home, he put his backpack and shoes exactly where I showed him to, and brought his lunchbox to the kitchen and started packing his lunch for the next day. He was starving and started eating tons of snacks. I decided to make him his special dinner early (crab legs) to avoid eating snacks for dinner. He told us a lot about his day including what they played in PE, who made bad choices, and he even said at the end of the day he made a new friend in his class. We were surprised at how much he was talking because he doesn’t usually tell us much. I expected him to be exhausted, but he really wasn’t. He fell asleep quickly and I had to wake him at 7:15 the next morning.