July 2018

July 1 – Swimming Pool

After breakfast, the boys played in the pool some more and then our family left for State College. We know we will see them again soon though so that made it easier to say goodbye. We spent the rest of the day playing in the pool and enjoying leftovers for dinner.

July 2-5 – Corbin’s First Popsicle/More Pool Fun


July 6 & 7 – Garden/Sunflower

We were able to harvest some lettuce (a cabbage leaf too), zucchini, and green beans from the garden. After hearing no for weeks, the boys were very excited to finally have something they were allowed to pick!

I went to Crowl Toot Farm to get Pop his Father’s Day gift (late, I know) and I saw this beautiful sunflower and I just couldn’t resist. It was so beautiful and perfect and it made me so happy every time I looked at it. I planted some sunflower seeds around our garden, but they never grew. Maybe next year I’ll be able to find sunflower plants already started to transfer to our yard.

July 10 & 11 – Fun at Home

Spencer was playing with my makeup while I was putting makeup on.

Spencer built this all by himself:

This is how Nevin gets greeted every evening when he gets home:

July 13 & 14 – State College/Kelly Borra’s Wedding

Nevin was in the Poconos playing paintball with his friends, so I drove with the boys to State College on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning, I left for Pittsburgh for Kelly Borra’s wedding. It was so great to see Kate, Celeste, and Kelly. We had a great time, drank way too much and stayed up way too late (I got into my hotel room at 2:40 am), but it was totally worth it. After brunch on Sunday morning, I drove back to State College where we had dinner at Lynne’s and Robert’s. The boys and I spent one more night in State College and then returned to Oxford on Monday.

Babi had some friends and family over for dinner Friday night. It was nice that I got to see the Dennis family from North Carolina, Andrea and Pej from California, and Lynne and Robert as well while I was in State College.

Kate’s boyfriend drove us to the ceremony:

There were about 2 hours before the reception started so after we went to Celeste’s parents’ house to see her kids, sister, niece, and parents, we went back to the hotel where we drank a (large) bottle of wine before cocktail hour.

July 16 & 17 – Fun at Home

More zucchini:

Watching, smelling, and listening to the rain

Corbin’s first time in the bounce house:

July 18 – King Cousin Day in Philadelphia

We met Andrea & Sienna and Andrea & Pej in Philadelphia for the day. We met at Spruce Street Harbor Park and hung out in the hammocks and walked around doing touristy things first. Then we just missed the ferry over to Camden by a few minutes, so we ate lunch at the park. We then made it on the ferry (barely!) and when we arrived in Camden, we went to the Adventure Aquarium. The ferry ride was so much fun and the aquarium was awesome. It was the perfect size and had some amazing exhibits. The hippos were by far my favorite. They were so active and were showing off for us. It was truly a great day and I’m so happy that we live so close that we are able to join them.

July 19 – MNO at LWG

MOMS Club went to Longwood Gardens for their Festival of Fountains. The theme for the songs was “Divas of Dance” and it was such a cool show. We all had a great time and I’m glad we went!


July 21 & 22 – State College/Family Reunion

We drove to Raystown Lake Saturday morning for the King family reunion. We had a great time visiting with family we don’t get to see often. We walked down to the lake and decided that after we eat lunch, we’ll go swimming. It was too cold for me to swim (I sat on the “beach” with a towel over my legs), but the big boys had a great time in the water. After that, we ate dessert and people started to leave, so we drove to Babi’s and Grandpas’ house. We had pizza for dinner and then Nevin and I got to go out while the boys were sleeping. We went to Local Whiskey and then went to Champs Downtown. We had a great time going out, and were home by 11, which was when all of the college students started to show up. My how times have changed! On Sunday, I went to Target (for 2 hours, kid free!!!) and then we had brunch with Sirkkie. We had an early dinner of My Thai and headed for home. We were about 30 minutes away from home when I got a text from Peco saying that our power was out from a bad storm. Good thing I had the front door key in my purse, or we would have been stuck outside the house! We put the boys to bed and about 30 minutes later the power came back on. When we woke up the next morning, the garage door wouldn’t open. We had to call All American Garage Doors in Oxford who determined our unit was fried. We contacted Peco, but they would not give us money because the power outage was due to a downed tree and they don’t refund for power outages caused by vegetation.


July 23 – Cecil County Fair Children’s Day

Although we had a great time at this event last year, we debated going this year because of the rain from the previous day and all the mud. However, we decided to go anyways and I am glad we did. The parking lot was a mess, but we parked in a good spot and didn’t get stuck (thankfully!). We met the Jennys and families and had a great time seeing animals, riding the hayride, making crafts, planting cabbage plants, and sitting on tractors and mowers. The sky was looking pretty dark when we left and it started to downpour as soon as we pulled in our driveway….perfect timing!


July 24 – Happy Hours Outing

Jenny L., Jen L., Kristin, and I have been going out for happy hours throughout the summer. I wasn’t going to go to this one, but glad I did. Kristin and I ended up staying out until midnight. Although I paid for it the next day, we had a great time!

Dancing in the rain:

July 25 – Frog

Terri found a large frog in her pool, so she gave it to the boys. We have never seen one this large. The boys had a great time playing with it, but we set it free at the edge of our property after we ate lunch so that the frog could find food.

July 26 & 27 – Fun at Home

Nolan pulled out this huge weed. Rainy summer = huge weeds growing everywhere!

Corbin climbs on top of me every time I lay on the floor:

Cuddling sleeping at nap time:

Wearing my headband:

We found a frog in our pool!

Swimming with the frog:

July 28 – Victory Brewing in Parkesburg

Mimi and Pop met us at Victory on their way to our house. We had great beer and great food and enjoyed walking around the upstairs to take the “tour”. It was a great time and I’m glad we did it. Looks like we may need to meet them here the next time they visit!

Spencer forgot to bring Mimi and Pop upstairs to show him that he cleaned his room for them, so I took a picture and sent it to them instead:

July 29 – 31 – Fun at Home

Watching the Kindle like his brothers do:

Yes, that is a pile of Oscar’s fur on Spencer’s head:

Spencer is making the dad “blow a smoker” as seen by Grandpa while visiting State College a few weeks ago: